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President Trump Reportedly Considering Declassifying Russia Investigation Documents

Robert Mueller’s special counsel is set to wrap up shortly, as he promised he’d conclude his investigation following the midterms. If he had the damning evidence of collusion he sought out to find, we would’ve known about it before the midterms, and the “blue splash” we saw on Tuesday would’ve been the “blue wave” pundits predicted. The real story of the special counsel and the FBI investigation that preceded it isn’t Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, it’s how “collusion” was a manufactured narrative used to justify spying on the Trump campaign in an attempt to derail it.

Declassification to Come

President Donald Trump is strongly considering declassifying key documents relating to the Russia investigation, which is hardly a move you’d expect from a guilty man. The comments came during Trump’s press conference yesterday, but his altercation with CNN’s Jim Acosta (and the aftermath) dominated the coverage. During that press conference, Trump said “We’re looking at that very seriously, declassification very seriously. It’s amazing how people on the other side just don’t want those documents declassified…we’re looking at that very carefully.”

The documents include everything related to DOJ official Bruce Ohr, who was secretly in contact with Fusion GPS’ Chris Steele as he assembled his anti-Trump dossier. Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie also was working for Fusion GPS. Ohr has been demoted three times for going against protocol and not notifying anyone of his outside contacts with Steele, which continued after the election. The documents Trump would like released also relate to Carter Page, who the FBI surveilled with a FISA warrant under dubious circumstances.

Why Not Just End The Mueller Investigation?

This comes as Trump also said yesterday that he could end the Mueller probe if he wanted to. I’m sure Trump would like to, but he’s aware that the narrative would then immediately change from “Russian collusion” to whether or not there was an attempted “collusion coverup.” This would result in yet another pointless investigation. Trump, unfortunately, has to bite the bullet and let Mueller continue his investigation… but it’s obvious that Mueller has nothing on him (or his team).

Three dozen individuals have been indicted by Mueller or the FBI investigation his special counsel replaced – and not a single one was charged with collusion of any kind. What can you possibly call that, if not a witch hunt?

Why declassifying the documents matters

If Trump were to go ahead and declassify the documents, it would reveal all the chicanery the FBI and DOJ pulled during the 2016 presidential race against the Trump campaign. According to one GOP congressman, the basis for the entire Russia investigation is flawed. A declassification of documents related to the probe could reveal it’s been a farce this whole time. (RELATED: FBI HAS EVIDENCE THAT ‘DIRECTLY REFUTES’ PREMISE OF TRUMP-RUSSIA PROBE, GOP REP SAYS.) Plus, we know that some FBI agents like Peter Strzok were clouded by their anti-Trump bias to the point where it’s hard to believe they acted impartially.

But we won’t know if it’s true until Trump actually pulls the trigger on declassification.