Trump Campaign Issues Petition Demanding Congress Build the Wall

A joint committee consisting of Donald J. Trump for President and the Republican National Committee (RNC) has issued a petition demanding that Congress finally take action to build the wall.

The petition, published at Stand United, urges supporters to “show Democrats that the American people demand the wall” be funded and built at the southern border.

Listed under the President’s name, the call to action notes that the President’s team is sending him “a list of Patriots who want to protect our southern border at this critical moment.”

“This is a national emergency,” it declares. “If Congress doesn’t take action soon, I will CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER!”

The online petition can be viewed here …

Importance of the Wall

President Trump on Thursday revealed an immigration system overhaul which includes building of the wall as a key component.

The White House announced that this new proposal “will safeguard our homeland by continuing to add to the 400-plus miles of border wall underway in strategic locations.”

And while Congress will surely need to provide funding, Trump’s new proposal “will also enable public donations for the wall.”

An especially important component after Purple Heart recipient and triple amputee Brian Kolfage raised over $20 million to help aid in the construction.

Democrats Finally Admit There’s a Crisis

Congress taking action should be no problem, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally admitted there is a humanitarian crisis at the border.

“We have never not said that there was a crisis — there is a humanitarian crisis at the border,” Pelosi recently said.

Of course, that is an easily disproved lie, as Democrats spent months on end repeatedly referring to President Trump’s concerns as a “manufactured crisis.”

Vice President Mike Pence, in previewing Trump’s border security speech in January said, “Our position is very simply this: There is a humanitarian and national security crisis at the southern border.”

“What we would welcome,” Pence added, “is that Republicans and Democrats would come together around the recognition of a humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border and the need to take action.”

That action is as necessary as ever.

There was a crisis at the border months ago when Democrats denied it, there was a crisis years ago when former presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton addressed illegal immigration, and it will continue to be a crisis until Congress puts the American people first and builds the wall.

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