Trump Calls Out ‘Faker’ CNN Reporter After She’s Caught Removing Mask at Press Briefing

Kaitlan Collins

President Donald Trump took a jab at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins after video captured her removing a mask and failing to maintain social distancing rules at a White House press briefing.

The President’s son, Eric Trump, shared the video on social media adding, “Just a reminder that [CNN] is a total joke.”

The President retweeted the clip adding his own commentary: “A CNN faker!”

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She Got Caught

Collins being captured on video removing her mask when she thought it was safe to do so is significant primarily because of her own insistence on reporting anybody in the Trump administration failing to do the same thing.

“At vaccine event in the Rose Garden, POTUS is joined by several officials on stage,” she tweeted just a few days earlier. “Some, like Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci are in masks. Others, like Defense Secretary Esper and HHS Secretary Azar, aren’t.”

And just prior to that, she reported to the American people that Mike Pence had actually been wearing a mask after the Vice President said he should have worn one during a visit to the Mayo Clinic, a concession made in-part due to a media uproar over the fact that he hadn’t done so.

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Collins Fires Back

Collins, just another reporter at CNN who loves to focus attention on themselves and not actually doing their job replied, “Nearly 90,000 Americans have been killed by coronavirus, and the president is tweeting about me pulling my mask down for six seconds on Friday.”

Three things to address here, Ms. Collins:

  • Believe it or not, the President is capable of multi-tasking and commenting on a wide variety of things even while focusing on minimizing the crisis.
  • Had anybody in the Trump administration removed a mask near a reporter it would have been headline news on your garbage network.
  • If the coronavirus pandemic is the only topic anybody should be talking about at all times, why are you complaining on Twitter about being caught taking your mask off?

Collins the Whiner

Collins was a bit of an issue at a press conference last week when she was called on, deferred to another reporter who was having a temper tantrum with the President, and eventually caused Trump to dismiss both of them and walk out.

Collins has also whined in the past about the President excluding CNN reporters from an annual pre-State of the Union lunch earlier this year.

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