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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. quasimodo says:

    now come one obama did a lot for the black community, he increased their dependence on government hand outs, he increased the incidences of black on black crime . he increased the tolerance for black on black crime, he furthered the careers of thugs and placed them up on pedestals, he normalized the small percentage of blacks who are racist and hate white people just because they are white no other reason,obama and the liberal party created sanctuary cities where black criminals can prey on innocent black community members and not have to hide from the law. he made it so the black community now knows that they can resort to riots, violence and destruction to get their way even when they are in the wrong. he made it so that the parents and relatives of criminals can become rich even when their child is clearly breaking the law and violently attacks a police officer who is treating their child fairly and just doing his job protecting the citizens from a violent criminal. obama allowed the black community to become aware that liberal policies allow the black community to attack and kill law enforcement officers any time they want, and that making false accusations of hate crimes will allow them to destroy any business they do not like for any reason and when discovered the accusations were untrue and made up will not result in any kind of criminal prosecution, because after all even if the business or person did not commit any kid of racist offense they deserved to be destroyed anyway because they may have dreamed about doing something bad to a colored person while they were sleeping in the past. but most importantly of all what obama gave the black community while he was in office. is a worse relationship with people that are not black. it is clear that relations bhetween the black community are at a serious low point. they are now as bad as they were in the 50s and 60s people that are not part of the black community now look worse at the black community then they have in 50 yrs, because they watched as obama allowed a small fraction of the black community, the criminals the thugs , the drug dealers, and small percentage of the entire black community get by with murder and obama turned and stuck up for the bad actors blaming it on white society for their inability to function in a civilized society. obama allowed the small fraction to break any and all laws they wished and did not even reprimand them for doing so, he allowed radical thugs to murder police officers and then some how turned it into the officer and made it his fault that he was killed by poor criminal, he allowed a tax dodger into the white house and allowed the same tax dodger to incite riots, he allowed the parents of a criminal who was killed while attempting to attack and kill a police officer to incite riots ,destruction and assauts on innocent citizens, he allowed micheal browns parents to case fellow community members to lose their lives work when their business was looted and burned to the ground and then to put the ising on the cake he had his weaponized justice department to put the blame on the city police department and force them to pay the parents of the criminal attempting to murder a police officer millions of dollars and refuse to charge them for inciting the rioot that destroyed half of the city. obama took thge laws of this nation and threw them in the trash for the black community and destroyed the progress this nation had made on race relations in the last 50 years right out the window .

  2. carolanno says:

    Many Americans weren’t born during the Reagan years, so they can’t understand why/how lowering taxes benefits us all. People who complain now about the new Trump tax plan will be eating out of the other sides of their mouths next year. I predict a GDP at 4% or even higher. The ones complaining that the tax breaks run out in 2027 for the $75,000 and up earners haven’t taken into account that businesses will see unbelievable growth and, thus, salaries will go up even more. Wake up, America!

  3. Bill says:

    Tax rates alone will help, but if Congress was really serious about employment here they would simply eliminate wage taxes altogether and implement some kind of a national sales tax – a strategy economists on both sides of the aisle agree would create a huge economic boom. It would also have the long term effect of making it easier for individuals and families to save enough money not only to retire, but in many cases retire early – offering more upwards opportunity for the following generation, and less burden on the programs meant to help the truly needy.

    1. Craig says:

      You do realize that a national sales tax is works the same as a flat tax and more burdensome on the lower wage earner, don’t you?

    2. Chris says:

      If workers had to pay national sales taxes on everything they bought they would see how much of their money the government really confiscates to fund their pet interests. There would be much less disinterest in how our money was spent or wasted. When people have no skin in the game, they will vote for any lie that sounds good.

  4. Larry says:

    Blacks work? They don’t want jobs, only welfare checks.

    1. HOFFHACK says:

      Come on Larry!

      1. Michael says:

        …a bit overstated, to be sure, but I understand the sentiment when we have to put up with horse-s*&t like BLM and the continual drum of accusations of racism all around us.

  5. Yuhgeng says:

    Trump’s policy of stopping illegal aliens and bringing more manufacturing jobs to America will create more job opportunity for the blacks of this country. On the contrary, Democrats’ policy of harboring millions of illegal aliens and pushing American corporations oversea by constantly raising tax and adding more regulations is sure to make the life of blacks more miserable. It’s time for blacks to get smart and don’t be a slave of Democrats forever.

  6. LastTaxPayer says:

    You won’t see this reported by MSM!!

  7. Jerry says:

    Tough to get the black unemployment rate down after 8 years of Obama handouts,why work?

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