Whereas numerous professional athletes have childishly boycotted visiting the White House, not only did the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – they also prayed over President Donald Trump.

The remarkable moment happened Tuesday while the team was meeting Trump following their 2018 NCAA Football National Championship win. WBRC News sports reporter Christina Chambers tweeted that Alabama punter JK Scott asked Trump “if he could pray for him and his staff.” Chambers also shared a video of the Alabama players gathered around Trump to pray.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also tweeted about the prayer, adding that faith transcends sports rivalries.

This isn’t the first time the Alabama Crimson Tide have made headlines regarding Trump. Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough caused quite a bit of controversy in January when he was caught on video apparently yelling “F*ck Trump!” while the team entered the field for the National Championship game in Atlanta.

Scarbrough denied yelling the phrase. It’s unclear whether he participated in the prayer over Trump.

Nevertheless, the team was nothing but respectful on Tuesday. Professional athletes could learn a thing or two from these young men.


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