The Trump administration is set to remove thousands of Chinese students with links to military schools from the United States.

‘Right, Proper And Long Overdue’

While China is currently crushing the rights and freedoms of Hong Kongers, the Trump administration has decided to respond in kind by expelling Chinese students that have links to People’s Liberation Army, according to officials that spoke to the New York Times.

The insiders have claimed that the move has been in the works for a while, but has been sparked off by the recent moves by the CCP regarding Hong Kong. Chinese students currently make up the largest cohort of international students in the country.

The move was praised by a number of experts in national security. David Reaboi, a commentator on “national security and political warfare,” said the move was “right, proper and long overdue.” Reaboi pointed out that “universities have long prized the income they get from rich, regime-connected Chinese students, even as it’s a national security threat,” and that while they will “squeal” over this decision, “a sane country has no obligation to educate China’s next generation of fascist oligarchs.”

Bill Evanina, a top official in the counterillegence office section of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, noted that “a lot of our ideas, technology, research, innovation is incubated on those university campuses,” and given that’s “where the science and technology originates,” it’s the “most prime place to steal” this information.

Chinese Students Are A Threat!

I think this move is far long overdue. Given that China is clearly the greatest threat to the United States and the West, why should we let anyone with links to the CCP into our countries? Anyone that is controlled by the Chinese government is a security threat – while these students may be young, that doesn’t mean they’re any less of a risk to this country and its security. Thank you President Trump for once again standing up for the interests of the American people!

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