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‘8 Dems Control The Senate’ — Trump Continues Attack On Senate Procedure

Jack Crowe on August 25, 2017

President Donald Trump continued his criticisms against Senate procedure Friday morning, once again expressing frustration that bipartisan cooperation must be achieved in order to advance his legislative agenda.

The GOP legislative agenda is beholden to the cooperation of eight Democrats. Current Senate rules require a 60-vote majority to over come a filibuster, eight more votes than the GOP currently holds.

Trump has repeatedly lashed out against the compromise and bipartisan coalition building required to achieve success in legislative politics, arguing the Democrats are blindly committed to obstruction at any cost. Most recently in a Wednesday tweet, in which he accused Republicans leadership “of wasting time” by refusing to amend Senate rules to allow a simple majority to overcome the filibuster.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who Trump has publicly castigated for weeks over his failure to whip the necessary votes for Obamacare repeal, has adamantly refused to amend Senate filibuster rules.

Eleven minutes after predicting legislative gridlock, Trump reversed course, tweeting messages celebrating his administration’s successes and the performance of recently appointed Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly.

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