Trucker Destroys CNN: I Don’t Blame Trump For Trade Situation And I’m 100 Percent Voting For Him In 2020

CNN’s television rating has been falling over the past couple years with stunts like this but for some reason, they can’t and won’t stop.

In recent years, CNN has created Trump supporter panels and interviews in the hopes of having more than a few turns on the Commander-in-Chief with their loaded gotcha questions. We’ve even seen some of the participants were not really Trump supporters after the segment was aired.

In the video below, Mark Zimmerman, owner of Zimmerman Truck Lines, spoke to CNN’s Martin Savidge in Pennsylvania about trucking company charge rates are plummeting around the country. As all CNN reporters do, they try to lead the conversation against President Trump by crafting the question as a negative, looking for the guest to join them in giving them a negative soundbite which would be played on CNN on a regular basis.

Savidge brought up Trump’s trade wars as the reason that most companies are no longer asking for as many trucks to move imported goods coming into U.S. ports.

Zimmerman responded to Savidge claiming that although company revenue is down eight percent from last year, “the trucking industry is a challenge. Every day we come to work is a fight.”

Zimmerman also conceded it’s true that the trade wars are a factor to his business’ setbacks, “but I don’t blame him for it, and I am 100 percent certain I’m voting for President Trump in 2020.”

Good call Mr. Zimmerman. Savidge wasn’t expecting that and you probably won’t see this interview past today on CNN because it doesn’t fit their narrative. This is what we need more of to take down the Democrats and their opposition media.



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