CNN anchor Jake Tapper lambasted the Republican National Convention (RNC) for going against “norms and standards,” alleging they “would be rioting” if they saw this kind of display from the Democrats.

Tapper, in a segment with Wolf Blitzer preparing for day two of the RNC, predicted they were about to see “a night full of erosions of norms and standards.”

Two main points of contention – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech at the convention and a moment when President Trump pardoned Jon Ponder, a former bank robber turned activist.

“I cannot imagine the outcry if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had spoke at the Democratic Convention in 2012,” Tapper whined. “Colin Powell in 2004 said he ‘obliged’ not to participate … and yet, Mike Pompeo is going to be doing exactly that.”

Powell actually spoke at this year’s DNC.

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Tapper continued with his “completely norm eroding, norm-busting tradition” theme by criticizing the pardon of Ponder, which he says is “no doubt” deserved, during a convention.

“I just can’t even imagine what Republicans on Capitol Hill would be doing if Democrats were doing these types of activities during a convention,” Tapper said. “They would be rioting, quite frankly.”

He said this as left-wing agitators riot in the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and in other major Democrat-controlled cities across the country.

No, Jake, the left has an outright monopoly on the rioting game.

Here’s the thing though – The DNC couldn’t have done either of these things. Their candidate is not currently the President and cannot issue pardons. And they have no Secretary of State, thus no speech.

So what the hell is he talking about?

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Swoons Over the Obamas

Speaking of “norm-busting” traditions, most Americans have an expectation in this country that the President’s predecessors wouldn’t speak ill of the sitting President throughout his term, let alone at the resistance party’s convention.

Yet, there were Barack and Michelle Obama, lashing out during the DNC, trying their best to salvage any part of their failed legacy by taking swipes at President Trump.

What did Tapper think of that ‘erosion of norms and standards’?

“We should just acknowledge that the former first lady is one of the most effective speakers in American politics today,” Tapper gushed.

Following Barack Obama’s speech, Blitzer hailed it as “the most powerful address he ever gave” while Tapper nodded in agreement, calling it “unprecedented.”

Nobody rioted after those traditions of decorum and decency were mangled.