Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy mocked former FBI Director James Comey, suggesting he shouldn’t be writing any more books on ethics.

The former Oversight Committee Chairman appeared on ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’ to discuss his observations involving the recent IG report on FISA abuses.

Comey bragged that the report exonerated him of any wrongdoing. Reality begs to differ. Gowdy explained why.

“I don’t know what report Comey read. This is the third IG report that has found his conduct to be substandard,” Gowdy explained.

“If he wants to take a victory lap because he’s not indicted, more power to him. Don’t write any more books on ethics … Don’t tell me what the ethical standard is if you think this report vindicates you.”

The IG report was so detailed in demonstrating perpetual incompetence on behalf of the FBI to the detriment of the President’s campaign, that Senator Lindsey Graham called Comey’s FBI a “criminal enterprise.”

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Comey in Trouble

Aside from mocking Comey’s self-perceived ‘ethics,’ Gowdy laid out why he believes the former FBI chief is in some serious trouble.

“Horowitz says there was no bias in the inception,” Gowdy relayed. “There was a lot of bias from every point thereafter, including an FBI lawyer manufacturing evidence to get a surveillance warrant against an American citizen.”

The former Senator from South Carolina, like Graham, opined that the actions undertaken by Comey’s FBI were criminal in nature.

“If you’re changing e-mails, manufacturing, altering evidence … Not only do you not have any business being an FBI agent or law enforcement, you probably ought to be wearing an orange jumpsuit.”

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Comey’s Ethics

A report by the Inspector General in August also excoriated Comey for violating department policies in leaking FBI memos to a friend and instructing them to turn the material over to the New York Times.

That report accused him of setting “a dangerous example” and made it very clear that Comey took such dangerous steps “in order to achieve a personally desired outcome.”

That outcome was to kickstart the entire Special Counsel investigation into alleged Russian collusion.

In January of 2018, William & Mary College announced that Comey, a “distinguished alumni,” was co-teaching a three-credit course on ethical leadership.

“Will I get a refund if he’s indicted?” one student asked in a letter to the editor.

President Trump should demand a refund on his first three years in office, with the FBI having been run like a criminal enterprise by Comey and his minions in an effort to overturn the election, or at least bog down his presidency.

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