If a thoroughly hilarious letter to the editor printed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch is any indication, students thinking about taking former FBI Director James Comey’s course on ethical leadership this fall may want to reconsider.

This past January, William & Mary College announced that Comey, a “distinguished alumni,” would be co-teaching a three-credit course on ethical leadership.

You read that right – ethical leadership.

The University President, Taylor Reveley, explained the decision to have Comey teach this course in rather hilarious terms.

“He understands to the core of his being that our leaders must have an abiding commitment to ethical behavior and sacrificial service if we are to have good government,” Reveley said. “Our students will benefit significantly from his experience and wisdom.”

Guiding college students on topics such as ‘ethical behavior’ seems ludicrous in light of the fact that Comey has provably lied to Congress, leaked FBI documents, and is currently under investigation for his handling of classified information. (RELATED: Trey Gowdy Got a Chance to Address James Comey, He Obliterated Him).

Susan Oliver had some questions regarding the course in light of these facts, so she penned an effective, albeit brief, letter to the editor.

“How much money will the College of William and Mary charge me to take an ethics class taught by James Comey?” she queried.

“Will I get a refund if he’s indicted?”

James comey ethics class

In April, Comey took part in a town hall with CNN at his alma mater which included questions from students at the school.

“There have been a lot of parents that have told my classmates and myself not to take this class,” Freshman Kaley Haller told local reporters. “People get really politically involved.”

Another student named Victoria asked if he still felt he should teach an ethics course in light of his memos being released.

“I do,” Comey responded. “I mean, the facts really matter, and I believe that I acted appropriately, and I handled the memos appropriately, created them for an important and appropriate purpose.”

But he didn’t.

The Department of Justice confirmed that Comey indeed leaked classified information in the form of these memos. And while Comey claimed the information wasn’t classified at the time of disclosure, we now know that was a lie.

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