Trans Miss Netherlands Defends Dylan Mulvaney After Bud Light Scandal – ‘They See Us As Monsters’

Miss Netherlands Dylan Mulvaney
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Rikkie Valerie Kollé, a transgender woman who won the Miss Netherlands pageant last week and will be representing her country at the Miss Universe pageant in December, is speaking out to defend the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney amidst backlash over her infamous Bud Light ad campaign.

Kollé Defends Mulvaney

Kollé, 22, told Newsweek that she finds the attacks on Mulvaney, 26, to be “sad” and “horrible.”

“I think it’s really to make the girl that low in confidence… and judging her for being herself,” Kollé lamented. “I think it’s horrible.”

Kollé went on to say that the backlash Mulvaney has faced over the past few months remind her of attacks that she’s been hit with herself online.

“They see us as monsters, and my daily DMs are full of people wishing me dead,” she stated. “Wishing me dead and telling me to suicide, those things are terrible to write, but at the same [time], it’s only lifting me up because I get a bigger platform than I could ever dream of.”

That being said, Kollé has found a silver lining in that she feels she’s only been given more attention from the media “because of this hate.”

“The only thing I want to say to the haters is ‘thank you, because you’re giving me a bigger platform than I can ever imagine,” she explained.

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Kollé Wins Miss Netherlands Title

Daily Mail reported that Kollé made history last week when she became the first transgender person to win the Miss Universe Netherlands pageant, and she will be heading to El Salvador in December to represent the nation at the Miss Universe pageant.

“It’s unreal, but I get to call myself [Miss Netherland] 2023,” Kollé said afterwards. “It was an educational and beautiful journey … I’m so proud and happy I can’t even describe it. Making my community proud and showing it can be done.”

In a video before the pageant final, Kollé was asked to describe herself in one word.

“Victory,” she replied, “Because as a little boy I conquered all things that came through my path and  look at me now. Standing here, as a strong, empowering and confident trans woman. Love is love. Be who you want to be and never forget always celebrate your pride.”

Kollé went on to reflect on her win in her latest interview.

“It was a spectacular moment for me, I was in full disbelief when I was crowned Miss Universe Netherlands as the first transgender woman, ever,” she said. “I’m proud of that and the night was amazing.”

Mulvaney Flees America 

As for Bud Light, it has lost over $27 billion since teaming up with Mulvaney for an ad campaign back in April. Mulvaney has since fled the country, claiming that she feels safer outside of America.

“Okay, surprise,” Mulvaney said in a new TikTok video. “I’m in Peru! I’m at Machu Picchu. Isn’t this so beautiful?”

“I’ve seen a lot of llamas,” the influencer added. “The people here are so kind. I feel very safe here. It’s a little sad that I had to leave my country to feel safe, but that will get better eventually.”

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We are truly living in some crazy times these days.

Kollé and Mulvaney can complain all they want to, but when it comes to Bud Light going woke, the silent majority has spoken. In the end, other brands should take notice of the effectiveness of the Bud Light boycott far more than they should ever listen to anything that out of touch woke leftists like Kollé and Mulvaney have to say.

Go woke, go broke!

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