Top Magazines Slammed For Putting Michelle Obama On Covers And Not Melania

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By PoliZette Staff | February 12, 2020

Conservative Hollywood star James Woods took to social media over the weekend to lament the fact that First Lady Melania Trump has not been featured on a single magazine cover since moving into the White House, while her predecessor Michelle Obama appeared on twelve.

In the days since then, many social media users have agreed that this shows a clear bias against Melania and conservatives everywhere.

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“If you need any further proof of the shameless bias of the liberal mainstream media, the most stunning First Lady in American history has never graced our nation’s major style magazine covers… @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump,” Woods tweeted alongside a photo of Melania.

Michelle was featured on twelve magazine covers during her tenure as First Lady, including three covers of Vogue, according to Daily Mail. Despite years of experience as a high fashion model, however, Melania has yet to be put on any cover at all as First Lady.

Many pointed out that this is an example of the bias against conservatives in the media.

“Absolutely unconscionable. She is the epitome of class and grace, elegance & intelligence,” one social media user tweeted, while another added, “You’re exactly right. They can’t stand that she’s so beautiful and conservative.”

“If First Lady Melania Trump was a Democrat she would be on every cover of every magazine, every week,” a third user tweeted. “The woman is absolutely breathtaking with a heart of gold to go with it. They never show all the places she travels to try and help children do better in life.”

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It’s unprecedented that a First Lady would not be featured on a single magazine cover going into the fourth year of her husband’s term. On top of that, anyone can see that Melania is a gorgeous woman who could still appear on magazine covers, even if she was not married to the president, which makes her absence from them all the more glaring.

Despite getting nothing but hate from the left since moving into the White House, Melania has continued to represent our country with grace, beauty, and dignity. Any magazine should be honored to have Melania on their cover, and it’s a disgrace that they continue to snub her because of their own biases.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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