Top Democrat Drops Truth Bomb On Progressives: ‘Talk Like Human Beings’

Top Democrat Drops Truth Bomb On Progressives, 'Talk Like Human Beings'
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With less than 90 days to go before the midterm elections, most predictions by political pundits are that Democrats will take a pounding. But there may be one Democrat who finally gets it. But has his epiphany come too late to help his fellow Democrats in November?

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), is the chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee – the Democrats campaign arm for the House of Representatives. In an interview published over the weekend with the New York Times Editorial Board’s Patrick Healy, Maloney gave Democrats a healthy dose of tough love.

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Seen As Out Of Touch

Maloney is in the unique position of representing a district that Donald Trump won in 2016. He had a whole lot to say about Democrats’ approach to relating to voters:

“So for example, Democrats could be much more intentional about our work in rural areas, with veterans, with farmers, with people in communities that have not benefited from the global economy. I think that most of the voters that we ask about this think that we’re out of touch, they think we’re elitist, we think we are better than they are. And they don’t like it.”

Then, in a statement that tells you everything you need to know about the New York Times Editorial Board, Healy fired back, “What’s a Democratic phrase that doesn’t sound human? Like a talking point? Or when you say, we don’t sound human, what does that mean?”

Maloney seemed to have been caught a bit off guard and replied, “I mean, listen, I don’t know — anything that comes out of Chris Hayes’ mouth.” 

For readers who don’t know, Hayes is a hyper-woke MSNBC anchor who is 17th in cable news ratings.

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No One Talks Like That

While maybe not really meaning to disparage Hayes, Maloney explained what he meant,

“I mean, the fact is, is that if you listen to the way people speak on our cable news channels — I love Chris Hayes — but the point is, if you listen to the way we talk and communicate, it is not the way my voters talk. It’s not the way my neighbors talk, it’s not the way my family talks.

“If I’m talking to a sheet metal worker in Pine Bush, he doesn’t talk about communities of color, he doesn’t use the word ‘rubric.’ He doesn’t talk about — the first-generation folks working in Newburgh don’t use the word ‘Latinx.’ Most people don’t understand who are cisgender, why they need to put pronouns on their email signature.”

Maloney appeared to draw on his own personal experience. He is the first openly gay congressman in a district where Donald Trump won. He added, “It’s not an accident that — it’s not an easy thing to be the first gay member of Congress from New York in a Trump district. And it just requires, I think, a level of listening and humility that I think our party isn’t very good at.”

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Not Being Likable Will Cost Them

Sean Patrick Maloney may not be the only Democrat who has finally seen just how out of touch the party really is with voters, and that it will likely cost them big on election night. 

CNN Anchor and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria recently stated in a column that, “There is plenty of evidence that the Democratic Party has moved left, that it is out of sync with Americans on many of these cultural issues, and that it needs to correct course.” 

Back in June, CNN analyst Harry Enten predicted that election night 2022 would not be a good one for Democrats. Enten told host Jake Tapper that, “And guess what, since 1938, the Republican two-point lead on the generic congressional ballot is the best position for Republicans at this point in any midterm cycle in over 80 years.”

If voters don’t understand you, they probably won’t vote for you.

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