Tom Hanks Issues Chilling Warning After ‘AI Version’ Of Himself Is Used In Ad Without His Consent – ‘Beware’

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The Hollywood star Tom Hanks is issuing a chilling warning about artificial intelligence after an “AI version” of himself was used in a dental ad without his consent.

Hanks’ AI Warning

“Beware! There’s a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it,” Hanks wrote on Instagram, concluding by signing his name.


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Hanks’ Previous AI Comments

Back in May, Hanks gave his thoughts on AI while appearing on The Adam Buxton Podcast,” saying that the technology is nothing new in Hollywood and has “always been” lingering.

“The first time we did a movie that had a huge amount of our own data locked in a computer, literally what we looked like, was a movie called The Polar Express,” Hanks said, referring to the 2004 animated children’s movie he starred in.

“And we saw this coming,” he continued. “We saw that there was going to be this ability to take 0s and 1s inside a computer and turn it into a face and a character. Now, that is only grown a billion-fold since then, and we see it everywhere. And I can tell you that there is discussions going on in all of the guilds, all of the agencies and all of legal firms in order to come up with the legal ramifications of my face and my voice – and everybody else’s – being our intellectual property.”

“If I wanted to, I could get together and pitch a series of seven movies that would star me in them in which I would be 32 years old, from now until kingdom come,” he added. “Anybody can now recreate themselves at any age they are by way of AI or deepfake technology. Because, look, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, and that’s it, but my performances can go on and on and on and on, and outside the understanding that it’s been done with AI or deepfake, there will be nothing to tell you that it’s not me and me alone. And it’s going to have some degree of lifelike quality. And that certainly is an artistic challenge, but it’s also a legal one.”

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Hanks Doubles Down

Hanks went on to question if people will stop caring about what is real and what is fake as this AI technology continues to grow.

“There are some people that won’t care, that won’t make that delineation,” Hanks said. “This is a super attenuated version of that printing press. AI, deepfake, anything will be able to lie just as well as they can go ahead [and] be able [to] tell the truth.… Some people that are going to… put [a] huge stake in what is authentic and what is not. Just as there’s going to be a ton of people that ain’t going to care.”

These truly are some crazy technological times that we are living in, and AI is perhaps the biggest proof of that. It’s disturbing that we’ve gotten to a point where AI versions of actors can be used without their consent, with the rest of us not being able to ascertain what is real and what isn’t.

Only time will tell where this technology will take us next.

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