NBC News correspondent Tom Brokaw slammed freshman Democrats led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for holding “pep rallies” instead of working to end the government shutdown.

Brokaw placed equal blame on Democrats for the current dysfunctional situation, though he did criticize the President as well, asserting that government in Richard Nixon’s last year in office was “extraordinarily well run and organized compared to what’s going on now.”

When it came to pointing fingers between both major political parties, he gave equal credit for the debacle.

“Democrats are as much to blame right now as the Republicans are,” the media legend argued.

But it is the Ocasio-Cortez-led contingency of new Democrat faces that he specifically leveled for having little to no knowledge on how to govern.

“You have the young members running through the halls, conducting pep rallies every day instead of getting together with the more moderate people or the people in the midwest who have won in Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota where they need to win again if they’re going to get the control, but they’re driven hard by the left,” Brokaw railed.

“So much (of) it’s a time of great chaos, I think,” Brokaw continued. “As I talk to people around the country … they say the same thing, can’t they get together? When are they going to get together and talk to each other?”

It’s Democrats Who Refuse to ‘Get Together’

Refusing to ‘get together’ as Brokaw states, is an issue that the left wholly owns. Remember, it was Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who refused to even listen to a briefing from Homeland Security about the security threat at the border.

It was also President Trump who offered an olive branch to the resistance party by offering to negotiate DACA concessions in order to get the government opened again.

Democrats have since refused to propose a counteroffer, instead rejecting the President’s deal because he beat Hillary Clinton out of hand with little explanation.

Ocasio-Cortez Gives “Zero” F***s

If you’re under the impression that the socialist darling of the Party is going to heed advice from Brokaw, who is critiquing her little pep rally stunts and slamming Democrats for allowing their party to get pulled “hard by the left,” think again.

During an interview with Stephen Colbert of CBS’s “The Late Show,” Ocasio-Cortez, when asked how many f***s she gives about criticism from her own party, replied “zero.”

Will she give more than zero when the criticism comes from a media icon like Brokaw? Don’t hold your breath.