Through all the madness of last week, my response to Meghan McCain’s attacks on President Trump is as follows:. Just keep your father’s memory close to your heart and treasure him like a hero because all children should see their parents as heroes.

However, John was not loved by everyone at all times. He was lambasted and criticized by the Democrats until he got sick and President Trump and Sen. McCain clashed on various issues.

We all know what happened last weekend with John McCain’s name being added to a report about the dissemination of the fake Trump Dossier. What was the president supposed to do, sit back and allow the opposition media to create more false narratives around it all week long? He defended his name and called out the person he felt was responsible, according to the report.

Yes, Meghan, your father was more decent than President Trump in your eyes, but he was wrong about virtually everything from a policy standpoint. He single-handedly scuttled the repeal of ObamaCare, and he did help disseminate and legitimize known lies to empower the sitting President’s enemies in an attempted coup.

In the name of decency, the McCain family should say “Sorry, that was an oversight due to the stress of the occasion, we thank President Trump very much for making so many military resources available for John’s funeral, that would not ordinarily be available to a Senator or a retired Navy Captain.” But we knew they would not do that.

Most of America expected McCain to do what was right, and vote the will of his constituents, but instead, he chose to oppose this president simply because of their feud. There are a lot of things that are said about your father, Meghan, and a lot of them are less than flattering. I may never know the whole truth about your father’s service record, as a lot of it has been sealed, but I do know that he had the reputation of being a RINO, and that is all I need to know.

I also think it’s time for Meghan to move on and stop using President Trump to further her ‘career.’ Since you are presenting yourself as the arbiter of propriety, you should also know that sometimes it is best to say nothing at all.

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