Three Tennessee Democrats Stripped of Committee Assignments for Storming State Capitol, Face Potential Expulsion

tennessee democrats removed

Three Democratic lawmakers in Tennessee have been stripped of their committee assignments in the state legislature and are now facing potential expulsion after participating in a “violent insurrection” at the state Capitol.

Left-wing protesters have been demanding gun control following the recent school shooting in which a transgender terrorist murdered six, including three children, at a Christian private school.

On Monday, State House Republicans voted to remove state Reps. Justin Jones, Justin J. Pearson, and Gloria Johnson over their participation with the protestors, who pushed through law enforcement and interrupted a legislative session. 

Instead of looking for solutions that could actually have prevented the shooting, such as putting armed guards in schools, Tennessee liberals once again took the opportunity to push for “assault weapon bans” and other restrictions that would only impact law abiding citizens.

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Actions Have Consequences

“Just handed this on the House floor, but they still have to vote,” tweeted Rep. Justin Jones after bring informed of the potential expulsion from the state House of Representatives. “We’ll not be intimidated. THE PEOPLE are demanding we act to stop kids from being murdered in school.”

Sounds kinda like a threat, doesn’t it? If this were the other way around and a quarter as bad, the people involved in this attempted liberal insurrection would begin to have their bank accounts cut off, they’d be fired from their jobs, they’d have their social media disabled, and for the ones on camera shoving law enforcement, they’d be put in a jail cell pending trial for months and months on end.

It’s OK though— the “mostly peaceful” summer of love crowd back in 2020 showed us that liberal righteous rage can literally justify everything. Except this time.

Rep. Cameron Sexton, GOP Speaker of the House, responded on Twitter that the participation of the three Democrats was absolutely “unacceptable.”

“Their actions are and will always be unacceptable, and they break several rules of decorum and procedure on the House floor,” said Sexton. “Their actions and beliefs that they could be arrested on the House floor were an effort, unfortunately, to make themselves the victims. In effect, those actions took away the voices of the protestors, the focus on the six victims who lost their lives, and the families who lost their loved ones.”

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Jones responded to Sexton’s remarks later, while still taking no accountability for what went down.

“We are members, who are standing in the well, telling our speakers and our colleagues that kids should not be murdered in school,” he said. “And rather than address that issue, the speaker has spent more time on Twitter this weekend talking about a fake insurrection than he did about the deaths of six people including 9-year-old children.”

No, Mr. Jones, you’re a member in the well, as seen on camera, holding a megaphone during a session interrupting the whole thing, leading on and instigating protestors into chanting and yelling at your colleagues. You literally attempted to subvert the democratic process for political points.

It’s unclear whether or not the Department of Justice will arrest the insurrectionists and hold them without charge or trial, or if that only applies to conservatives.

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