This 2020 Democrat Candidate Just Offered Illegal Aliens… Social Security?

The Democrats CUT Social Security for five years under St. Barry “The Generous” Obama by claiming that there was zero inflation, as they were giving cost of living increases to Federal employees and contractors.

Prices were rising for most things people buy, but they averaged the falling cost of buying luxuries into it and came out with zero percent. Luckily the Dems’ pet media stooges would never give the game away, and the spineless Republicans were so terrified of being called meanies who wanted to cut the amount handed out, and who was looking at the vast, underfunded future liability, that they cowered silently without protest.

Now we have Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand offering social security to illegal aliens, yes, illegal aliens.

Sen. Gillibrand doesn’t understand how the system works.

Illegal aliens are prohibited from getting a Social Security number. Only US citizens and those here legally are allowed to get one. Those here illegally have broken federal law and have no right to be here or take advantage of our social “safety net.” These individuals need to be sent back to their former country. They chose to break our laws by coming here illegally, so they can suffer the consequences of breaking our laws. Deport them. Now.

If an illegal alien is working (illegally) their employer is typically paying them “under the table” and is not contributing their share of FICA taxes. So, the Senator would support the illegal aliens receiving Social Security benefits without they, or their “employer,” paying into the system. How many more “parasites” would this add to the already millions taking advantage of our generosity.

Yes, Senator Gillibrand, failing to stop the invasion of illegal across the border is a national security issue. Over 75,000 invaders were apprehended in February alone, which is about 2,500 every day, the equivalent of an Army Brigade invading our country every day. Some are violent criminals. Some are drug mules. Some are gang members. Some are human traffickers. Some are carrying communicable diseases. Many of these invaders have committed murders or other violent crimes on our soil. It is a National Emergency. To say otherwise is a willful suspension of reality.

We need to make sure that when a candidate runs for or holds any office associated with the government of the United States that they are truly representing the United States and its citizens.

Because as we see here, Gillibrand is an agent for a foreign government as she’s working extensively on behalf of people who are not Americans to the detriment of American citizens and legal immigrants.

She should be registered as an agent for a foreign government and expelled from the Senate? Maybe someone can explain to me why she and other politicians working for foreigners is not considered treason.

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