They Be Trippin’: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Reportedly Ate Psychedelic Mushrooms During Gaffe-Filled China Visit

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reportedly feasted on mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties during a recent trip to China.
Screenshot: CBS Evening News Video

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reportedly feasted on mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties during a recent trip to China.

Yellen spent time last weekend meeting senior Chinese officials for talks on the economic relationship between their nation and the United States.

CNN reported that the Biden administration official stopped in at Yi Zuo Yi Wang (In and Out) as documented by a Chinese food blogger and later confirmed by the restaurant itself.

But it wasn’t where she ate that raised eyebrows. It’s what she ate – Jian shou qing, a certain type of mushroom.

And while CNN described the buzz around her food choice as setting off a “culinary craze,” tucked deep in the article is a statement from Dr. Peter Mortimer, a professor at Kunming Institute of Botany, who says the mushrooms “are considered poisonous as they can be hallucinogenic.”

“However, scientists have not, as of yet, identified the compounds responsible for causing the hallucinations. It remains a bit of a mystery, and most evidence is anecdotal,” Dr. Mortimer adds. “I have a friend who mistakenly ate them and hallucinated for three days.”

Yellen was in China for two days.

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Yellen And Her Psychedelic Mushrooms

The restaurant confirmed that Yellen had ordered four portions of the jian shou qing mushrooms and noted, “It was an extremely magical day.”

More so for some than others, it would seem.

The mushrooms are not, according to reports, psychedelic in nature if prepared properly, but are toxic enough when improperly prepared that it was listed in the Botanical Society of Yunnan’s index of poisonous mushrooms last year.

CNN notes that the listing prompted discussion about whether they should be served in restaurants at all. Eventually, their popularity saved them.

Now, we’re not going to criticize somebody eating a perfectly legit item on the menu in a foreign country on say vacation. But during an important diplomatic endeavor?

Would Donald Trump or anybody in a Republican administration be reported as having prompted a “culinary craze” if they did the same thing?

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Report Follows CocaineGate At The White House

This would all be a tremendously moot point if not for the fact that Treasury Secretary Yellen had made her mark during her trip to China by behaving rather erratically.

Yellen was widely ridiculed for repeatedly bowing during a handshake with Chinese vice premier He Lifeng, who stood straight up as if to say, “What is going on here?”

Video shows her bowing three times in rapid succession as Lifeng backs up a bit.

The New York Post described Yellen’s actions as “a protocol error that critics flagged as a sign of American weakness.”

She then got tripped up once again referring to Lifeng as “Vice Premier Hu.”

Far out, man.

Yellen’s psychedelic mushroom encounter came days after cocaine was found in the White House.

The Secret Service closed its investigation into who left the cocaine behind without identifying any suspects despite it being located in one of the most secure areas of one of the most secure buildings on the planet.

The agency also confirmed that illegal drugs were found previously at the White House  – in June and September of 2022.

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