These Democrat Front Runners Are Nothing to Laugh About

The Democrat field is just sad. They have no answer for who Republicans are putting up for the 2016 election. The party of the elephant is more diverse and in-tune with a younger crowd than anything they have to offer. These three presidential hopefuls have major baggage and hang-ups that can’t be ignored.

But then again we can’t go around being angry all day long so sometimes we have to make fun and make more fun… of the other side. If we won’t, who will?



Bernie Sanders is running as, well I don’t even know these days. He’s run the gambit of political party choosing so let’s just wait until the debate when the title is put up on the screen, shall we?




Hillary Clinton looks to reset her campaign later this month. I guess if she was elected she would be taking 3 a.m. phone calls to keep up with the Clinton Foundation fiasco. This is one of the thousands of reasons why we can’t trust her to be elected to the highest seat in the land.




My former mayor (of Baltimore) and former Governor Martin O’Malley loves to tax everything. He taxed the rain here in the state…..the rain. Wait until that issue comes up during the debates and the nation really hears about that one. It’s going to be a joke for years.

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