‘The Woman Does Nothing But Lie’: Karine Jean-Pierre Shredded For Blaming Republicans For Violence In DC

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took a hefty dose of criticism on social media after initially saying she wouldn’t get into politics on a question about crime in Washington, D.C., then immediately pointing a finger at Republicans.

A reporter at Wednesday’s press briefing noted that “homicides are up, crime is up, carjacking is spiking” in the nation’s capitol and asked Jean-Pierre: “Does the President believe the nation’s capital is safe for Americans from across the country to come visit?”

What followed was a confounding answer.

“I mean, look, we see — we hear the reports and see the data as well.  And all violent crime anywhere is completely unacceptable, not just here in D.C.,” she said. “We’re going to call that — them all out in communities across the country.”

Jean-Pierre then insisted she does not want to “get into, you know, politics on this,” before immediately getting into, you know, politics on this.

“The President is wanting to make sure that communities feel safe. And we’re not seeing that from congressional Republicans.  We’re just not.  They continue to get in the way,” she claimed. “The President has taken action.  He puts — he puts that in his budget every day, making sure that we make communities safer.  And we’re just not seeing that from Republicans.”

The secretary then urged “Republican congressional members” to join their fight against crime.

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Jean-Pierre’s Ridiculous Answer

There is a lot to unpack with Jean-Pierre’s answer, and as a service to our readers, so as not to lose your mind trying to translate what was said, we’re here to do it for you.

First, President Joe Biden’s spinmaster starts the conversation with “I mean, look” which must be some sort of tell that a lie is forthcoming. In fact, at yesterday’s press briefing, she used the phrase “I mean” 16 separate times. We’re not kidding, take a look at the transcript. She used the word “look” to begin an answer another 9 times.

Second, suggesting you’re going to stay above the fray of politics and then immediately blaming your political opponents three times in the course of about 30 seconds is next-level gaslighting.

Third, how can crime in D.C. be the fault of Republicans when, of the 15 city council seats in that cesspool, there are zero, count them, zero Republicans?

Fourth, what the hell does this mean? “The President has taken action. He puts — he puts that in his budget every day, making sure that we make communities safer.” Biden has a daily crime budget now, does he?

Viewers on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, weren’t sold on Jean-Pierre’s bill of goods.

“It’s always the fault of those bad ole MAGA extremists,” one user wrote.

Another described Jean-Pierre as “a slow-motion fireball in a theatre with no exits.”

“When I got carjacked in DC they yelled ‘this is MAGA country’ as they drove away laughing,” another joked.

“The woman does nothing but lie,” one user pointed out. “Why even put her on this platform?”

I mean, look, it’s a good question.

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She Says This Days After A Trump Official Was Shot And Killed In A Carjacking

What is particularly galling about Jean-Pierre’s attempt to blame Republicans for crime in D.C. is the fact that she said this roughly two weeks after Mike Gill, who worked at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission during former President Donald Trump’s White House tenure, was shot in a carjacking and later died.

NBC reports that in D.C., “shootings, homicides and carjackings all soared, spilling into neighborhoods that have typically been spared that kind of violence” in 2023.

But that, in Jean-Pierre’s mind, is due to the GOP, which has no representation on the city council or in the mayor’s office.

Meanwhile, a recent Rasmussen poll indicates that Republicans have a wide lead when it comes to handling crime in the eyes of American voters.

The latest survey finds that 48% of likely U.S. voters trust Republicans more to handle crime and law enforcement issues, while 36% trust Democrats more.

But look, I don’t want to “get into, you know, politics on this” or anything.

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