‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Is Afraid That People Wearing Masks Will Lead To Racial Profiling, Arrests


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The hosts of “The View” can make absolutely anything about race, even a deadly pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands of people of all races all over the globe.

On Friday’s episode of the ABC talk show, host Sunny Hostin resorted to shameless race-baiting when she complained that COVID-19 guidelines that involve wearing face masks could be harmful to black men.

“Something that I have been thinking about, because you see all of these cases that have been coming up, especially about black men wearing masks and then being racially profiled and being pulled over and arrested,” she said, going on to cite a recent news story about a police officer handcuffing a black doctor who was about to hand out tents to Miami’s homeless population. The incident is still under investigation at this time.

“There was an article about a black doctor in Miami that was handcuffed because he was taking some things out of his truck,” Hostin said. “I have a friend saying he won’t wear a bandana, he’s going to wear something like a pig mask so that he’s not profiled, so that he doesn’t scare anyone.”

“For black men or Latino men, I think there is a fear that if you follow the guidelines, which is wear a mask when you’re outside, will that lead to racial profiling? And so it’s a real concern in certain communities,” she added.

“Better to wear the mask and let people figure out if they’re afraid of you or don’t wear the mask and know that they’re gonna be afraid,” Whoopi Goldberg said chiming in. “I pose that to the people who are nervous about seeing black men in masks.”

It’s maddening that the modern left has to make absolutely everything about race these days. We should be trying to come together right now to fight coronavirus as one, not looking for ways that we can divide one another along racial lines. Shame on Hostin for using this deadly pandemic to further her own race-baiting liberal agenda.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on April 17, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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