Let’s be very clear from the outset: liberals downplay the War on Christmas because they don’t want you alerted to their larger war on Christianity. (RELATED: NYT Reporter Claims War On Christmas Doesn’t Exist.)

A radical conjecture? Yes. But true nonetheless? Absolutely.

Conservatives have pointed to the Left’s war on Christmas for years, most notably former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. And Donald Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate who made Christmas a real issue in his campaign.

By speaking to the concerns of everyday Americans afraid of losing their culture to the bland liberal crusade to wipe away religious distinctions and tradition, Trump fired up large numbers of evangelicals. Those faithful voters came in handy on Election Day.

Still, many liberals insist the War on Christmas is a right-wing boogeyman, used to gin up the passions of the ignorant. Earlier this year, Whoopi Goldberg of “The View” said as much, and decided to let her co-panelists know as much during a recent segment.

Goldberg called Trump’s focus on Christmas “BS.” But she wasn’t expecting the fiery response from Meghan McCain. Watch the exchange below:

Well, after that, I hope Santa was watching and gives Whoopi a big lump of coal this year.

Here’s the key part of McCain’s comments:

 I will say that I understand it, because even here right now, just the mention of saying, “It’s more inclusive to say Happy Holidays” — I don’t think I’m not inclusive, I think I am a Christian. I celebrate Christmas and I would like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone. And no one has ever been offended, at least to my face.

And let’s be honest about what the phrase “happy holidays” is. It’s milquetoast corporate speak ginned up by big business CEOs and liberals obsessed with being non-offensive. It’s insipid verbiage. It’s not inclusive to say “happy holidays” because not everyone celebrates a holiday around Christmastime. Too truly be inclusive, you need to refrain from wishing anyone a “happy” anything, because there will always be one person not interested in taking part in a holiday festivity.

So it’s all bunk. The War on Christmas isn’t just real – it’s based on a false premise and inaccurate language. There’s nothing inclusive about widening the holiday celebration. It’s Christian hatred, pure and simple.

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