The Ukraine First Crowd Is Now Advocating Giving Them Nuclear Weapons

I often think back to our Founding Fathers and wonder if they, at any point, envisioned a future in which a construct like a ‘think tank’ would have a prominent role in public policy. Something tells me that, like most Americans today, our Founding Fathers would have little idea of what a think tank does.

Like most entities spawned and rooted in the D.C. swamp, think tanks tend to shape the decisions made by our duly elected leaders whether you agree with them or not, and indeed despite you not voting for these unelected brainiacs who flood D.C. with poor advice backed by biased research. Unfortunately, these think tanks know that you have no genuine concept of what they do, and they continue to reap the rewards of your ignorance.

The latest push by the pro-war think tank American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) most ridiculous ‘scholars’ would make you think they are doubling as content writers for the Babylon Bee, except they aren’t, which is sadder than it is funny.

So what are they pushing now? Giving Ukraine nuclear weapons.

Dumbest Idea Ever

Michael Rubin of AEI has penned quite a few ridiculous articles in support of arming Ukraine to the teeth regardless of common sense or international safety, with titles such as:

  • Ukraine must be allowed to hit inside Russia to stop a possible new offensive
  • Time to train Ukraine on F-16 fighter jets
  • How to really help Ukraine beat Russia: Weapons factories

Naturally, this has progressed to it’s ultimate form:

  • Ukraine needs nuclear weapons after the Russia war is over

So much for nuclear nonproliferation; let’s go ahead and throw away the treaties we agreed to in an effort to keep the planet from someday becoming a desolate radioactive orb of death.

Within his argument, Mr. Rubin states:

“If the world allows Russia to remain a unitary state and if it allows Putinism to survive Putin, then Ukraine should be allowed to maintain its own nuclear deterrence, whether it joins NATO or not.”

Besides the obvious craziness of advocating for more nuclear weapons, in the above statement, it’s essential to pay attention to the first part of the argument: “If the world allows Russia to remain a unitary state” – this is his not-so-clever way of arguing that Russia itself should be destroyed.

Not surprising, coming from one of the principal architects of the Iraq War. And just how is Iraq doing these days? (Don’t ask him if Iraq should be allowed to have nuclear weapons now that the invading foreign army – ours – is gone.)

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Mutually Assured Annihilation

It’s not as if Mr. Rubin is unaware of the current threat regarding nuclear war with Russia. In a separate article he penned for one of the many publications for which he’s a contributor, he states the current situation in Russia:

“The threat of nuclear weapons use is real.”

So his answer is to have more nuclear weapons in play by a government and region known for weapons trafficking and corruption?

Mr. Rubin says in his AEI piece:

“Russian leaders have repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons. Certainly, that they do so reflects both weakness and desperation.”

This is precisely why the Doomsday Clock has been moved to 90 seconds to Midnight. What time would it be if Ukraine had nuclear weapons, I wonder? Too late, is the answer to that question.

Mr. Rubin goes on:

“If the international community demonstrates that the response to an aggressor’s nuclear brinkmanship will be to ensure the victims of their aggression can, in theory, do likewise, even the most belligerent dictator may think twice. Consider it Deterrence 2.0.”

I consider it Stupidity 101.

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The Point

I know what you are thinking, and I’m not paid the big bucks to work at a think tank. You are wondering why anyone should care about what some over-educated, overpaid gasbag has to say about foreign policy.

You should care because those you have elected into positions of power care, and these ‘thinkers’ aren’t some group of Socratic brain busters debating and solving the world’s problems in good faith.

A study performed last year aptly titled ‘No such thing as a free donation? Research funding and conflicts of interest in nuclear weapons policy analysis’ found that almost all of the primary think tanks receive:

“…donations from actors with interests in the perpetuation of the extant nuclear order.”

Now that’s just on the nuclear debate; this same practice of pay-for-play biased research spans all industries and finds its way into the mouths of politicians and journalists as solid sources. Unfortunately, these think tanks also tend to operate as soft landing stops for those voted out of office, retired military brass waiting on their next civilian Pentagon position, and young activists looking to make their mark as unofficial public relations tools for either political party.

In other words, it’s a revolving door just like the politician-bureaucrat-lobbyist revolving door.

Take AEI, for instance, who can tout former UN Ambassador and regime changer extraordinaire John Bolton among its many ‘scholars.’ Ranked as the #10 most influential think tank in the nation, more than 20 of its ‘scholars’ served in the George W. Bush administration. 

Think tanks… one of many optional revolving doors for men and women interested in power and influence at the expense of your trust and taxpayer dollars.

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Do Nothing, Influence Everything

When I was getting ready to retire from the military, I fancied myself working for a think tank for a brief period. I thought, ‘you know, I enjoy researching, thinking, and writing… I’d fit in great at a think tank!’

Needless to say, I decided it wasn’t for me. A think tank is essentially a research university with no students, just Ph.D.’d aristocrats who opine on whatever their area of expertise is in a manner that requires them not to do anything physically, yet influence everything. 

Take Mr. Rubin, for example. A senior fellow at the AEI, he was a former Pentagon official and a senior lecturer at the Navel Post-Graduate School.

Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker weeps on his bronze perch as we surrender our country to the vapidity of thought at think tanks. Unfortunately, it will only be a matter of time before school children run nuclear attack drills under the desks between their studies on queer ideology and critical race theory.

Now is the time to support and share the sources you trust.
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Kathleen J. Anderson

USAF Retired, Bronze Star recipient, outspoken veteran advocate. Hot mess mom to two monsters and wife to equal parts Saint and Artist husband. Writer, lifelong conservative, lover of all things American History, and not-so-secret Ancient Aliens fanatic. Homeschool maven, Masters in Political Management, constitutionalist, and chock full of opinions.

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  • zelinsky the loser needs to stop acting like he is so special
    he got in by cheating and has some rotten deals with bidens
    who is getting a kick back on this created war which we DO NOT
    belong in for we are the ones starting the war with russia and the rest

  • Never Is the history of the post nuclear war has the nuclear buttons been placed under the thumbs of unstable leaders advised by fools who with bravado and cavalier statements threaten the very existence of our civilization and perhaps life itself.

  • Wouldn't they be getting back nuclear weapons, that the Soviets had placed in the Ukraine during the Cold War and were negotiated out by Obama?

  • When will the White House Cellar-Rat be exposed ? Certainly not this year - too many RINO's at all levels to ensure Free & Fair Elections.
    2024 ?
    Maybe - but that's a VERY BIG "MAYBE" for America is no longer The Home of the Free - maybe the Home of the Three ? I can certainly think of three Demonrats and RINO's without breaking into a sweat !
    Maybe - the Demonrats are relying on World War Three ( WWIII ) to divert electoral attention from their philanderings - that surely fits their Modus Operandi nicely !

  • Zelenski told me he wants nukes... I told him OK man... take down the Russian Oligarch with all the evidence on me, Hunter and Burisma... And S-O-B whataya know they just arrested the Oligarch!

  • I agree with much of Mr. Rubin's thoughts,... and I'm a MAGA Conservative, and a Bible-trusting Christian. First, the title of this article implies that Ukraine can't be trusted with nukes? Is that really true? Why do you trust Russia with nukes? Or any Western nation with nukes?--- and there are many!.
    Is the writer aware that after the fall of the Soviet Union,.. Ukraine had plenty of nukes? In fact they were 3rd ranked, behind only the USA, and Russia,,..in nuclear arsenal. Ir was only on the promise and GUARANTEES by the USA, Britain, AND Russia, that the Budapest Agreement was signed,... and Ukraine proceeded with a de-nuking, de-arming themselves---trusting the 'word' of the USA and Britain,.. as well as the 'promise' of Russia that their Sovereign Border would not be infringed or INVADED!
    YES,.. NUKES ARE A DETERRENT!! And you don't need to be a brainiac to figure that out.
    At present all Ukraine is asking for are the weapons systems necessary to defend their nation, and expel the Russian INVADERS!
    That's the minimal we should do. If they want fighter-jets, we should give them--F-15s,.. F-16s,.. or MIGs, we, and NATO countries have plenty of them. And Uraine, unlike Iraq, is prepared to do all of the fighting in order to establish their own Sovereign Nation,.. free from Russian vassalship, and tyranny!
    God Bless Ukraine!

  • Pret-ty amazing. "Think Tank", huh. More like "Non-Think Tank". No doubt 'We The People' are paying for this horsehockey.

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