The Same Media That Had Hillary Winning in 2016 Now Says Americans Support Trump Impeachment

According to what the media has been pushing for the last couple of days, a majority of Americans supposedly support the impeachment of President Trump.

Technically the Democrats have been trying to impeach him for the entirety of his presidency, so I think their timeline is a little skewed.

As for the 50.3 percent of people who support impeachment, I also seem to remember the media told us Hillary was supposed to win the election by a landslide.

This is how polling works. I get two Democrats and a Republican in a room. I ask them if they want to impeach Trump. Both Democrats say yes, the Republican says no. I can now claim that 66.6 percent of people polled want Trump impeached.

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Congratulations, you now understand how social manipulation works. By making you believe 66.6 percent of people want Trump impeached, it is now making the lesser willed people who are prone to herd mentality, especially from social media outlets, to now support Trump being impeached, whereas they may or may not have before.



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Democrats have a good run where their hysterical accusations have controlled the narrative. A look at the actual evidence destroys their narrative. The call that all this Impeachment furor has a transcript that has been released that destroys the Democrat narrative. The media has cherry-picked parts (out of context). For instance, they always point to Trump saying ï need a favor” and then jump almost two pages in the transcript to talk about an investigation about Joe Biden. They jumped over several other areas of Investigation and corruption reduction that Trump would like to see done in Ukraine.

The fact that the media continues to do this utterly dishonest cherry-picking means that this is not a real investigation. It is a smear campaign. And it has been mostly successful; because so much of the media has signed on to the smear campaign. But the Democrats chance at removing Trump from office has fallen apart completely.

The ONLY chance Democrats had to get the 20 Republican votes they need in the Senate to remove Trump is to make the investigation non-partisan. The investigation has been totally partisan. No Republican is going to support this unfair, partisan smear campaign. Democrats have failed at the only thing that mattered.

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The best defense for this is to ignore CNN, Fox, and anything your friends post on social media and do your studies, see what is going on for yourself, and find the real answers from accredited sources who aren’t in the business of getting television ratings.

When you have the leftist controlling 90 percent of the media outlets hammering away day after day attacking the guy, does it surprise anyone that some left-leaning polls are leaning to impeach the guy? The only thing that matters is the election of 2020. If the Democrats are so confident of defeating Pres, Trump, why do they feel they need to impeach him to beat him, why not do it in the election? Why not have a vote to impeach in the house instead of this mock impeachment investigation?

Form your own opinion. Impeach Trump, Don’t impeach Trump, have whatever idea you like. But make sure it is your opinion supported by real facts, and not the opinion of the media or other people because you want to fit in.

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