The Pentagon Leaks Reveal Truth About State of Ukraine War – So Who Did It?

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"DoD photo by Master Sgt. Ken Hammond, U.S. Air Force.", Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a wonder we don’t know more answers to the secrets that plague our world. Such as who killed JFK, whatever happened to the aliens at Roswell, and who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline.

Between the intelligence community and the Pentagon, there is a never-ending supply of ‘unnamed officials’ eager to speak to the press and more leaks than the Titanic. The latest leaks come from the five-sided building herself, and Biden spokesman John Kirby and the rest of the gang are in a tizzy trying to calm international partners.

So what is all this handwringing over leaked documents about, and who could’ve been behind it and why? Allow me to bring you up to speed, dear reader, and provide my best guess on how and why this could’ve happened.

Low Threat Leaks

The over 100 documents that officials say may have been obtained and released on social media could have enormous consequences. The Top Secret and Secret documents trove contained information about the United States spy efforts on our adversaries and ‘friends.’

Spying is how you build trust in this world, after all. The documents showed that we’ve been spying on:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Israel
  • South Korea

The documents also contained information on China, the Indo-Pacific region, the Middle East, and terrorism. 

Most incredibly, the documents reveal that the Biden administration has actually put American troops on the ground inside Ukraine:

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The South Korean government is aware that we spy on their conversations.

However, it is rather inconvenient that they now have to answer to South Koreans why the United States government had a play-by-play recorded conversation among their leadership complaining about the U.S. pressuring them to change their no-lethal weapons to Ukraine policy. 

Was It Russia Or Ukraine?

Naturally, a faction of our government would like to pin this leak on the Russians. Those trusty unnamed officials I spoke of earlier have already been blabbering to the press that the leak was from Russia or a pro-Russian group. 

There seem to be some possible clues indicating this assumption, as some of the information on the leaked documents appears to have been altered to show massive Ukrainian losses and minimal Russian losses since the war began. But then again, it could be Ukraine that was behind the leak.

This could be viewed as a possible way to distance themselves from the United States and broker a peace settlement that isn’t ideal for the West. After all, Ukraine had steadfastly hesitated to share information with us at the onset of the war due to concerns over our perpetually leaky ships…err…I mean bureaucracy. 

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However, that seems unlikely given that many of the documents contain the unique imprint of the Joint Staff, which wouldn’t be shared with a foreign entity. In addition, many papers had the ‘SECRET/NOFORN’ stamp, meaning don’t share with foreign countries.

Still, given the preponderance of documents related to the Ukraine war, former senior Pentagon official Mick Mulroy asserts:

“…it appears that it was a deliberate leak done by someone that wished to damage the Ukraine, U.S., and NATO efforts.”

So who did it, and why?

No Snowden Here

The documents that have rocked the U.S. government’s credibility on the world stage may have been circulating for months on Discord’s discussion platform. If you aren’t familiar, don’t worry; all that means is you aren’t a nerd.

Discord is popular with what the kids and my generation coined as ‘gamers.’ That’s right, it’s possible an overzealous Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft aficionado leaked government secrets.

It wasn’t just Discord that got a taste; Twitter and Telegram got some too – both of which make sense regarding location. Twitter is where journos live and thrive like mold beneath your shower. Telegram is a popular international secure messaging application. Then, of course, there is 4chan, which also got a fair share of secret documents.

As much as I enjoy ragging on Discord and 4chan, you don’t have to be a social media expert to know that whoever leaked these documents wasn’t doing it to unveil some gross perversion of democracy.

Many of the photos of the documents revealed that they were crumpled up at one point as if they had been shoved into a pocket hastily and laid out on top of magazines surrounded by Ziplock baggies and Gorilla Glue. So basically, these documents could’ve been residing in my junk drawer in my kitchen.

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Sky High Implications

So it’s evident that the geniuses that leaked these documents weren’t in it to unveil anything of great importance and push for positive policy changes. I think it’s also pretty clear that we aren’t dealing with some diabolically brilliant super double agent. More than likely, we are seeing the work of a large ego federal employee(s) who envision themselves as a sort of Edward Snowden-esque warrior, which they are not.

Which leads me to the point, why does this even matter? Former Pentagon spokesman turned White House talking head John Kirby answered whether the administration expects more online leaks:

“The truth and the honest answer to your question is: We don’t know. And is that a matter of concern to us? You’re darn right it is.”

Wow, Kirby, I applaud your apparent honesty and also question why I ever thought you were a better-skilled communicator than Karine Jean Pierre.

Ukrainian battalion commander Lt. Col. Yurii Bereza said that the information warfare is so bad that:

“we can no longer determine where is the truth and where is the lie.”

And therein lies the rub. We should all be worried, both Americans and the international community alike if this was just some pimple-faced intel dweeb that managed to snag classified info and blast it out to his online raid party.

Or we should all be worried, both Americans and the international community alike, if that’s just what the powers that be want us to think. What is true, what is false, what is the lie, and which is the fact?

Remove those concrete concepts, and you may be the most powerful organization or nation, depending on your perspective. 

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