The Hypocrisy Is Real — Dems Fear Trump Might Follow Their Sanctuary City Drop Off Policy

Over the weekend, I watched a Twitter video where Sen. Cory Booker, a 2020 presidential candidate says that if President Trump releases illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, he is making that city unsafe. He also claimed Trump was trying to divide us as Americans with policies such as this.

Cory is the “King of emotion.” How crazy is this? The projection Booker emanated from this interview was enough to put down a cow. Democrats have told America they won’t work with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to round up illegals in these sanctuary cities, thus, making it unsafe for everyday Americans. Democrats have been trying to divide us with their uncanny ability to block Trump from protecting America’s borders.

Dems say busing illegals to sanctuary cities would be illegal and too expensive. I have a solution to those objections. Since California, Oregon, and Washington are sanctuary states, we could tell the illegals to enter through California, give them a starting point.

They will travel there on their own without us having to buy them. That eliminates the cost and liability of busing them. Let them know if they are caught outside of a sanctuary state they will be immediately deported without prejudice. We could pull all border agents from California and deploy them elsewhere to further secure our border in other areas until the wall is complete. It’s a win for us, a huge win for Democrats and a win for the illegals. Of course, you know this is sarcasm.

I wonder just how hard it would be to keep them in those sanctuary cities, though. They won’t move to someplace that is hostile to them if they can avoid it, I think. Obviously, the Democrat-run big cities are where they should be sent and have so far proved to be the most welcoming. I wonder how that would change if they were required to accept illegal aliens who would be made to reside there permanently. Aren’t there certain residential restrictions placed on those who come here on student visas? Why can not similar restrictions be placed on illegals?

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We may get an answer to these questions before the end of this week. POTUS has said in a tweet on Saturday PM this issue has been studied in detail in the WH. He also said he had the “absolutely legal right” to move these people to sanctuary cities whether those cities want these folks or not.

I am just speculating but maybe what should happen is if these caravan members migrate from their initial sanctuary and are subsequently recovered by INS, ICE, or whatever they are calling themselves now, or other Federal agencies or state, county or local departments, they should be immediately be conveyed to the nearest sanctuary city where they should be “redeposited” as it were for the new place to care for.

Another solution would be for them to be seized if they have left their initial sanctuary and transported by boat to their nation of origin, where they can begin the journey north all over again.

Oh, and those illegals in sanctuary cities? Let’s be sure to let Catholic or Lutheran Social Services know about them and demand they take these newcomers under their respective wings to care for them, the same as the ones they sponsor who enter by other means. Those outfits will be buried in no time.

Will American start calling out this behavior? That remains to be seen.

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