Texas School District’s Sign Annoys Liberals: ‘Please Be Aware That the Staff at Argyle ISD Are…’


A few new signs (above) posted at the entries to campuses in a Texas school district warns possible criminals that their teachers and staff members are armed. And “may use whatever force is necessary” to protect students.

In less diplomatic terms, that means they will fill bad guys full of lead. No counseling or discussion of why society made them do it – just BANG BANG BANG BANG!

Local station KDAF-TV reports that the district voted in favor of school marshals in January. Some teachers will now carry firearms under the state’s Protection of Texas Children Act. And since Texas is a conservative state, most parents seem to know this decision has the students’ best interest at heart. After all, it is impossible to learn when your surroundings are not safe.

Wisely, the school will not release a list of who is carrying a firearm.

H/T: CBS 33

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