A Texas judge has halted the construction of a private border wall in order to prevent “imminent and irreparable harm” to a butterfly sanctuary.

State District Judge Keno Vasquez of Hidalgo County, issued a temporary restraining order on We Build The Wall, demanding that they stop building a private border wall next to land owned by the National Butterfly Center (NBC).

“The property and rights involved are unique and irreplaceable, so that it will be impossible to accurately measure, in monetary terms, the damages caused by the Defendants’ conduct,” Vasquez wrote.

The order sets the date of December 17th for representatives from NBC and We Build The Wall to appear in court in Edinburg.

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American Citizens are Funding the Wall

We Build The Wall is an enterprise set up to build a private border wall funded by ordinary citizens, so the southern border can be secured even faster. Along with their presence in Texas, they have also been constructing barriers in Sunland Park in New Mexico. This has, of course, drawn the ire of the left, and they are attempting to shut them down with false claims of environmentalism.

Dr Jeffrey Glassberg, the president and founder of the North American Butterfly Assocation claimed that the wall could not be built in Texas due to the “threat” that it posed to the NBC.

“The National Butterfly Center is located on the Rio Grande River, within the Lower Rio Grande Valley Wildlife Conservation Corridor, and serves as an oasis for wild, free-flying butterflies and the native plants upon which they depend,” he said. “The incredible biodiversity found here, supported and enhanced by 17 years of labor and millions of dollars of investment, is integral to the health of a fragile, but vibrant ecosystem and warrants protection against this unlawful incursion.”
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Brian Kolfage, the director and founder of We Build The Wall, told The Epoch Times that they had not been served with anything, and would continue on with their work until they were ordered to stop. We Build The Wall has previously hit out at the NBC in a video posted to Twitter:

The butterfly lady who’s up the street doesn’t want the wall… What you people have to know, is that you have dead bodies on her property, right near her property. Yesterday they have what you call a splasher, that’s where they steal vehicles, the cartel, and they get chased by the border patrol, they drive into the Rio Grande where we can’t touch them. Their moral compass is broken where they don’t want safety on both sides of the border. They’re not going to come across or get stabbed and killed.

Fake Environmentalism

I’m inclined to agree with this assessment. Unlike many so-called “environmentalists” on the left, I am genuinely in favour of protecting this planet that God gifted to us. However, we should never prioritise it over preventing human misery and death, which is exactly what these anti-wall activists are doing.

I also seriously doubt that a border wall only several feet wide could have such a detrimental impact on our environment anyway. It’s not as if the entire area is going to be converted into miles and miles of concrete parking lots or something similar! These leftists are simply using the environment as a mask to drive their agenda of mass migration, and I, for one, will not stand for it.