Texas GOP Passes Resolution Stating Biden ‘Not Legitimately Elected’

The Texas GOP officially rejected the results of the 2020 presidential election, adopting a measure in its platform that states President Biden "was not legitimately elected."
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The Texas GOP officially rejected the results of the 2020 presidential election, adopting a measure in its platform that states President Biden “was not legitimately elected.”

The resolution suggests election fraud in five battleground states led to Biden’s victory over Donald Trump, and describes him as the “acting” President.

“We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States,” the resolution reads.

It adds that the 2020 election violated the Constitution.

The Texas GOP adopted the new 40-page platform at its convention in Houston over the long weekend.

Major election fraud claims have remained consistently unproven.

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Texas GOP Platform Says Biden ‘Not Legitimately Elected’

Aside from declaring Biden to have not been elected legitimately in 2020, the Texas GOP platform takes some other stances that some observers may view as extreme.

The new platform also includes sections declaring homosexuality as “abnormal,” calling for the complete abolition of abortion, and voicing opposition to “all efforts to validate transgender identity.”

The Texas Republicans also maintain an argument to vote on secession from the United States.

“Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto,” the platform states.

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Democrats Warn Future Elections – In Which They Expect to Get Pummeled – Will Be Illegitimate

While the official platform of the Texas GOP calls for a vote to secede in 2023, the idea might not be as extreme as one would imagine.

A poll conducted just six months ago shows significant support for states to secede from the union – along both red and blue lines.

“A lot of extremists support their states seceding from the Union,” Bloomberg News reported at the time. “Shockingly, so do a lot of non-extremists.”

The media will no doubt cast the Texas GOP as a fringe group of rubes for declaring Biden was not elected legitimately in the 2020 election, but is the rhetoric any different than most prominent Democrats have been using for years?

Hillary Clinton spent years claiming the 2016 election was stolen from her by the Russians and anybody else she could point a finger at, while repeatedly stating that Trump was an illegitimate President.

“I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from,” she said.

When questioned by a reporter as to whether or not the President felt we would have free and fair elections in 2022, Joe Biden planted doubt.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied. “I think it easily could be illegitimate.”

What an extremist.

Granted, it seems a bit questionable as to why the Texas GOP feels it necessary to rehash the 2020 election rather than moving on to make sure the next election is secure.

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But lest we forget, the Democrat Party is the party that voted to replace gendered language in the official House rules and tried to remove the phrase “so help you God” from the oath administered to witnesses testifying before a panel in 2019.

Perhaps most famously, the Democratic National Convention conducted a voice vote in 2012 to restore a reference to God to their party platform. A large and loud group of delegates continually shouted no to the proposition.

A vote had to be called three separate times to put God back into the platform, and the convention chairman opted to override the voice of the delegates and install the reference anyway.

Remember that when the media casts the Texas GOP resolution as being an extremist platform.

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