TERRIBLE News for Hillary – She’s Even Losing HERE!

A Field Poll released on Wednesday shows less than half of likely Democratic voters in California, 47 percent, now say they will vote for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, whose candidacy has been damaged by a scandal over her use of a private email server, Benghazi, and many other scandals too numerous to name.

The problem with Hillary is most of her support came from young people who either were not paying attention or too young during her husband’s term. They just believe the story line that he was the greatest president ever and she would be a repeat. Now those same people started paying attention to her and do not like her one bit. No one ever has. She is an obvious phony at best. That is why she never had a chance. Her ratings were huge until she started campaigning.

Hillary has handled her campaign poorly, with pre-approved questions scripted for the crowd, little doubt she would win in her mind, little responsibility to the voters, and withholding information on her emails for months, then lying about how transparent she is. She lied to grieving parents of victims of Benghazi as well.

She is just a liar pure and simple. The American public is revealing what they think of a liar.

Lies and Clinton’s are synonymous terms after all of these years of scandal and lies.

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h/t – Reuters, Breitbart

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