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Teacher Confronts Teen Over ‘Hillary For Prison’ Shirt – His Response is Legendary

Hillary For Prison

It took all of four words for one teenager to shut down his pro-Hillary teacher after being confronted about a political t-shirt he was wearing.

A man named Richard Gautier posted a picture of his son Mason on Facebook, sporting an ever-popular ‘Hillary for Prison‘ t-shirt.

Gautier explained that his son had several political discussions with one particular teacher in the past who happens to be a Hillary supporter, and that teacher had to say something about the shirt.

When the teacher asked Mason if he had worn the ‘Hillary for Prison‘ t-shirt for their benefit, the teenager delivered what can only be considered an epic mic drop.

“No,” Mason responded. “For Chris Stevens.”

Via BizPac Review:

A Mississippi teenager silenced his liberal teacher with four simple words.

On Friday, Richard Gautier posted to Facebook about his son Mason’s encounter with the teacher that quickly went viral.

Mason wore his “Hillary For Prison” shirt to school and when his Hillary supporting teacher saw it he asked Mason if he wore the shirt for him.

“No, for Chris Stevens,” Mason answered.

Bravo, Mason, well played!

Comment: What did you think of this young man’s response to his liberal teacher? Disrespectful or simply being accurate? Share your thoughts below.