Ted Nugent Praises Chris Kyle, Belts Out Incredible Version of the National Anthem

Ted Nugent appeared recently at the Outdoor Channel’s 15th annual Golden Moose Awards – yes, apparently the Golden Moose Awards are a real thing – and tore the roof off the house.

Nugent got on stage and said “God bless the military warriors” and “God bless the snipers.”

He then went on to say that anybody who disparages American Sniper Chris Kyle is a “piece of s***.”

Then, as only Nugent can, he blasted out an incredible version of the national anthem.

Take a look …

Via the Washington Times:

Ted Nugent, conservative rocker, roused a Las Vegas crowd with an inspiring rendition of the National Anthem — and with a patriotic expression of support for slain U.S. sniper Chris Kyle.

“Freedom isn’t free,” Mr. Nugent said, during a performance at the Outdoor Channel’s 15th annual Golden Moose Awards, The Blaze reported. “This is dedicated to the heroes of the military. God bless the military warriors, especially the snipers. God bless the snipers. This is for Chris Kyle and in defiance of all the pieces of [expletive] who don’t get it.”

So what did you think of Nugent’s version of the national anthem?


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