Ted Cruz Rips Biden Energy Policies: ‘Completely Incoherent’

Cruz Calls Biden Energy Policy ‘Completely Incoherent,’ ‘Makes No Sense’

On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz blasted the Biden administration’s energy policy after President Joe Biden said he would ban importing Russian oil.

The President raised eyebrows when he said, amid news of cutting of Russian oil, that the U.S. “can’t do much right now” about gas prices

Cruz begged to differ during an interview on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom.” 

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Cruz: ‘I’ve got to say this administration’s policy when it comes to energy is completely incoherent’

Russia has warned that a Western ban on Russian oil exports could cause prices to spiral out of control – reaching or even surpassing $300 per barrel.

Despite claiming there’s “not much we can do,” the Biden administration has been begging hostile foreign countries like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran to ramp up production.

Cruz called the moves absurd. 

“I’ve got to say this administration’s policy when it comes to energy is completely incoherent,” Cruz asserted said on Fox News.

“President Biden started literally his first day in office basically declaring war on domestic energy production,” the senator continued. “He shut down the Keystone pipeline on the first day in office, killed 11,000 jobs, 8,000 union jobs with the stroke of a pen. He halted all new leasing on federal lands — both onshore and offshore — and he stopped development at ANWR, a small region of Alaska that is incredibly rich in oil reserves.”

“He shut them all down,” Cruz charged.

“His agencies have been waging war on domestic production, and we’ve seen domestic production dropping and dropping and dropping, and bizarrely enough, Biden combines that with being the best thing that ever happened to Vladimir Putin and the best thing that ever happened to Iran and the best thing that ever happened to Venezuela,” Cruz said.

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Cruz: ‘Their policy just makes no sense’

The Republican senator sounded frustrated with Biden’s actions on this front.

“Last week, the Biden administration sent their officials to Venezuela saying they want to buy oil from Nicolas Maduro,” Cruz complained.

“They’re in Vienna trying to negotiate a deal that they want to buy oil from the Ayatollah in Iran, and Biden last year waived sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 national pipeline, which is what caused the invasion of Ukraine.”

“Their policy just makes no sense,” Cruz added.

One interesting note in the whole saga revolves around Nord Stream 2, which had been sanctioned by the Trump administration. 

Upon entering office, Biden waived those sanctions

In January, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Cruz tried to pass a bill sanctioning the pipeline, which was filibustered and defeated by Democrats. 

Over a month later, after the Russian invasion, the Biden administration again placed sanctions on the pipeline.

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