During a ‘Conversation about the Constitution’ segment at today’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Senator Ted Cruz took a moment to destroy former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) for setting the stage for the Democrats’ worst nightmare: allowing President Trump to get all of his cabinet picks confirmed.

Reid was behind the dramatic move to eliminate filibusters for most nominations by presidents when Democrats held control of the Senate and it was President Obama who was making nominations.

That move has come back to bite Reid and the weakened Democrat Party in the butt… Big League!

“Since January 20th I’ve raised the glass and toasted Harry Reid,” Cruz joked. “Because Harry Reid employed the so-called ‘nuclear option,’ broke the Senate rules to change the Senate rules, lowered the threshold for confirmation from 60 votes to 51 votes and it is a direct result of Harry Reid that we now have the most conservative cabinet in decades.”

The most conservative cabinet in decades. Sweet music to our ears.

Cruz then ran down a list of names that Harry Reid’s short-sighted move helped get approved recently – Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Betsy Devos … and he said he “look(s) forward to thanking Harry Reid for Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch.”

Via US News:

And they’ll have the help of what Cruz termed “the most conservative Cabinet in decades,” for which he credited Democratic former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for triggering the so-called “nuclear option” and allowing nominees to be approved with a simple majority, rather than requiring confirmations to clear a 60-vote threshold.

“At the risk of being presumptive, on behalf of CPAC, thank you, Harry Reid, for Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” Cruz said, before listing a number of other members of the Cabinet.

Nor does Cruz see Democrats putting themselves in a position to reclaim the power they ceded since they lost control of the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014 and the White House last year, calling the protests and anger “bat-crap crazy.”


Cruz’s mockery of liberals didn’t end there. He laughed at Democrats who have suggested impeachment of President Trump is in order – even before he was inaugurated.

“There’s a technical term for their base,” Cruz joked. “Bat-crap crazy.”

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