Teachers Union Prez Randi Weingarten Promotes Tool to Delete Embarrassing Social Media History After Getting Fact-Checked

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I can always count on the President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, to say something or tweet something ridiculous any given week. They say tyrants get more erratic and dangerous when they realize their power is starting to slip. It looks as though Randi is feeling her influence slip through her tightening fist.

She recently testified to Congress about her role in the school closures during COVID and her direct line of influence on former CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, in which she attempted to retell history to paint herself as a hero versus a villain.

Thanks to Elon Musk buying Twitter, Weingarten wasn’t able to totally get away with rewriting history – her claims were repeatedly nailed by Twitter’s Community Notes, their version of fact-checks.

Here’s just one example:

Realizing perhaps too late that the internet is forever, Randi is now propping up an artificial intelligence tool for her union minions and educators to help scrub past embarrassing social media posts.

Do you smell that? – It’s called desperation.

Isn’t It Ironic?

Randi wrote a tweet this week alerting her union members and educators of a new service AFT is offering paying members called LifeBrand:

“Our union is here for you to help you future-proof your social media. @AFTunion has partnered w/LifeBrand for a 25% discount off the cost of this powerful tool that scans your social media to catch forgotten posts that may not reflect who you are today.”

According to the AFT website, LifeBrand is a “Leading AI-powered tool…” just what the world needs; a union leader advocating for AI to cover up inconvenient speech. This tweet is deliciously timed after her failed attempts to gaslight Americans into believing she advocated for opening schools as soon as possible during COVID.

Thanks to Community Notes on Twitter, users were able to remind her repeatedly about how she did everything in her power to keep schools closed. For example when she called President Trump’s push to reopen schools “reckless, callous, and cruel” two years ago.

Or the time she endorsed what were called “safety strikes” by teachers. Too bad LifeBrand wasn’t able to delete the whole past!

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Rules For Thee, Only Thee

Randi is trying to sell a product under a false pretense. Her plug for LifeBrand makes it sound innocuous; after all, most humans change over time, and many of us probably wish we could delete previous social media posts due to the natural passage of time.ย 

For example, I once thought bangs were a great fashion statement, and believed commenting on every attractive male actor was something the social media-verse would care two figs about. However, the real purpose of LifeBrand is to try to avoid being canceled. Or fact-checked.

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How rich is that? A person like Randi who ascribes to a political ideology that prides itself in canceling those they disagree with, desperately trying to keep from getting canceled.

What on Earth will Libs of TikTok do if green-haired, face-pierced, nonbinary unhinged educators can erase old videos and posts of themselves advocating for sexualizing preschoolers? Given that the world has never been without idiots, something tells me they’ll still have plenty of material to choose from.

Frequent Flier

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what Randi’s actual job is. If you follow her Twitter account, which I do, she spends half the time, if not more, tweeting about topics that relate in no way to American educators or American children.

Take a wild guess on where Randi spent this week. It wasn’t Baltimore to figure out why high schoolers there don’t know how to read.

It wasn’t Loudoun County to find out why parents and the school board still need help finding common ground. And it sure the hell wasn’t in DC to discuss with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona the game plan on how they will catch up America’s children in math, reading, and history.ย 

Instead, she traveled to Ukraine… for the third time. I think that only puts her two more visits away on her Support Ukraine Visit Punch Card, and then she gets a free knife set.

When she’s not visiting schools in Ukraine, she’s voicing her support for the writer’s strike, defending curriculum focused on gender identity and sexual orientation, fawning over President Biden and Vice President Harris, and attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. All while claiming conservatives are politicizing education.ย 

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A Bully In Another Form

I like to tease, rib, and pick on people fairly regularly – but I can take as much as I give. I can’t abide people who rip on others but can’t stand the heat when it’s directed at them.

Where I come from, those people are called bullies. That is what Randi and her ilk are, bullies.

The same political faction Randi prescribes to attacks people all the time for their past statements and posts. For example, take the recent hit piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer on Thomas Jefferson University President Mark Tykocinksi.

The outlet combed through the university president’s Twitter account to track how many tweets he had liked that were critical of various topics, including:

  • The COVID vaccine
  • Gender reassignment surgery for children
  • College diversity offices

Mind you; he didn’t write, share, or comment on any of these topics; he merely “liked” them on Twitter. This man, by the way, is not a Twitter powerhouse. He has only a little over a thousand followers.ย 

The left has no problem being critical of those who oppose them. Still, when the tables are turned, it doesn’t feel so great, and their answer, instead of thoughtful counter-debate is to try to silence us. This time the attempt is through the ruse of an AI tool sold to help your social media reflect “who you are today.”

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