Wajahat Ali

Liberal ‘Journalists’ Use VERY Similar Talking Points to Downplay Hunter Biden Censorship Bombshell

Left-wing so-called "journalists" responded to Friday's bombshell internal file release showing Twitter executives deliberately censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story…

2 months ago

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Laments That People Will Have To Wait To ‘Vaccinate Their Babies’

MSNBC's Joy Reid seems unpleased that the FDA has yet to approve vaccines for children as young as 6 months…

12 months ago

Don Lemon Claims Guests Were to Blame for Him Laughing at Trump Supporters

Don Lemon has said that his guests were to blame for making him laugh at Trump supporters on a segment…

3 years ago

Watch: RNC Turns Viral Clip of CNN Mocking Trump Supporters Into Powerful Ad

A viral video clip of CNN host Don Lemon and a group of liberal panelists mocking supporters of President Trump…

3 years ago

Ivanka Trump Blasts CNN For ‘Disgusting’ Segment Mocking Her Father’s Supporters

She wasn't the only one disgusted by Don Lemon and his guests

3 years ago

Trump Shreds Don Lemon After CNN Panel Mocks President’s Supporters as Ignorant ‘Rubes’

President Donald Trump responded to a CNN segment in which panelists mocked his supporters as "credulous boomer rubes" by referring…

3 years ago

New York Times Writer Tries to Mock Dan Crenshaw’s Patriotism – It Doesn’t End Well

New York Times columnist Wajahat Ali questioned Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw's patriotism and ended up getting leveled by the Congressman.…

4 years ago