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Biden highest disapproval rating
January 5, 2022
Biden is kicking off his second year in office with his highest disapproval rating to date – 56% of voters disapprove of his job as president.
Conservatives are quietly "plotting to force a government shutdown" in an effort to deny funding for President Biden's vaccine mandates.
December 20, 2021
A majority of Americans does not believe the federal government has the authority to mandate coronavirus vaccines.
teacher unions vs parents
November 30, 2021
Both major political parties are already gearing up for next year’s midterm elections with Republicans sensing an advantage and Democrats digging in to defend beleaguered school boards, teacher unions, and the progressive policies they hold dear.
Gov. DeSantis Entices Cops To Florida With Bonuses And No Vaccine Mandates
October 25, 2021
Gov. Ron DeSantis joined Fox host Maria Bartiromo with a relocation and bonus offer to Florida for any police opposing vaccine mandates.
Leon County, Florida has been fined $3.57 million for imposing a vaccine mandate on local government employees in violation of the state's ban on vaccine passports.
October 13, 2021
Leon County, Florida fined $3.57 million imposing a vaccine mandate on local government employees in violation state’s ban vaccine passports
Biden vaccine mandates
September 10, 2021
President Biden announced new vaccine mandates after trying incentives and appeals because he doesn’t think enough people are vaccinate.
poll support vaccine mandates
August 17, 2021
A new poll shows that a majority of Americans now favor mask and vaccine mandates in schools and in the workplace.
teachers union mask mandate
August 12, 2021
Teachers’ unions are ardent enforcers of mask mandates for the public but do not require their members to get vaccinated.