Postal Workers Union Balks At Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate

On Wednesday, the powerful American Postal Workers Union issued a statement that appears to be at odds with the Biden…

4 months ago

Follow The Science, Not The Politics On COVID

By Jerry Rogers for RealClearHealth The refrain of “follow the science” has been ubiquitous to the politics of the Coronavirus.…

6 months ago

PRO Act Is Another Biden Tax Increase On The Middle-Class

By Dave Trabert for RealClearPolicy President Joe Biden promised to not increase taxes on the middle-class, but his gift to…

7 months ago

Richard Trumka, Head Of AFL-CIO, Criticizes Biden For Keystone Pipeline Permit Cancelation

The head of America's largest union, Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, voiced his disappointment at President Biden's revoking of the…

10 months ago

Unions Were Democratic Shock Troops — Until 2020

By David Osborne for RealClearPolitics Has Donald Trump ended Democrats’ monopoly on the union vote? Exit polling from the 2016…

1 year ago

Funny How That Works – Public Education Is Run By Democrats Who Hate The Country

I know one thing for a certain fact. Public education in this nation with its current curriculum and how it…

1 year ago

Laura Ingraham Says Teachers Unions Are Proving Themselves To Be ‘Nonessential’ To Parents

On Thursday, Fox News' Laura Ingraham said that the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association recent pursuits…

1 year ago

Trump Planning More Help For American People – Aims For A Massive Jobs And Infrastructure Bill

The president proposes a $2 trillion infrastructure stimulus plan.

2 years ago

Sanders Gets Heat From Nevada Unions On Socialized Healthcare

Only he and Warren would make the U.S. healthcare system resemble that of Cuba.

2 years ago

Public Sector Unions to Lose 400k Members Following SCOTUS Ruling

Is there even a point in having public sector unions? What exactly do those unions serve to do? Government jobs…

3 years ago

Democrats Push Back Against Unionization Of Campaign Workers

Democrats love unions - except where their own workers are concerned. Being a campaign staffer is hard work. Staffers work…

4 years ago