Democrats And Teachers Unions Fight Against Curriculum Transparency Bills

Democrats And Teachers' Unions Shout 'Censorship' As More States Introduce Curriculum Transparency Bills
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Democrats are all about censorship when the ‘wrong people’ are on the receiving end. Look no further than the Joe Rogan situation.

But with the growing parents’ movement and legislation being introduced in at least 12 states that would require curriculum transparency, now Democrats and their friends in the teachers unions are crying, you guessed it, ‘censorship.’

Currently, under federal law, parents are allowed to request a review of their child’s curriculum if their school is federally funded – meaning most, if not all, public schools.

But because schools are not required to post that curriculum online, Republicans and parents are pushing for bills to do just that.

Allowing parents and the public to see what is going on in public schools has some Democrats and teachers in a tizzy. 

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What COVID Lockdowns Revealed

COVID-19 lockdowns and “virtual learning” seems to have backfired for the teachers unions. While parents worked from home, they had ample opportunity to look over their childrens’ shoulders to see what was going on in class.

They did not like what they saw and went into action. In Missouri, a bill introduced by State Rep. Doug Richey would require schools to post curriculums online.

Democrats oppose the move. 

Richey’s “Parents’ Bill of Rights” would also enable parents to receive a notification if a teacher plans on teaching a topic that might be labeled “divisive or controversial.” This includes any clash with a “parent’s belief that all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, or ancestry, should be treated equally.” 

Of the bill, Richey stated, “Parents have a fundamental right, responsibility and authority when it comes to their children.” He added that if schools are “doing things right,” they should have nothing to fear from the bill.

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Democrats Fighting Transparency

The idea that parents would have full knowledge of what their kids are being taught has driven fear into the Democrats and teachers unions. Missouri House Democrats have of course come out swinging against Richey’s bill, and all of a sudden ‘censorship’ is concern number one.

Democrat Rep. and former teacher Paula Brown says that Richey is “just setting people up to be in court.” She added,”Make no mistake: these bills are an attack on Missouri students. They have the right to learn in classrooms free from censorship.”

Another Democrat Rep. and former teacher Maggie Nurrenburn echoed Brown’s statements. She called the bill a,”Trojan horse to destroy quality education. These laws would create a chilling effect on teachers who would be afraid to teach anything remotely related to banned curriculum.”

Michigan is also one of the states where a curriculum transparency bill was introduced this week. Michigan Department of Education Board Vice President Pamela Pugh slammed the bill being introduced there: “There’s more than meets the eye at the root of these divisive, manufactured, chaotic bills that are being proposed. It’s scare tactics and intimidation meant to cause mass chaos, mass confusion, and disruption to our education system.”

But the line of the day comes from Michigan fifth grade teacher Ingrid Fournier who pleaded, “We’re not the enemy. Where is the trust? Just trust us.”

If you have to ask parents to “trust” you not to indoctrinate their children, chances are you are indoctrinating their children.

Trust, but verify. What’s wrong with that?

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Parents Have Had Enough

Loudon County Virginia was ground zero for parents demanding to know what their kids were being taught. And it got Glenn Youngkin elected Governor. A core campaign promise was that he would ban the teaching of CRT in schools.

On his first day in office, he signed an executive order banning CRT in Virginia schools. He also banned mask mandates in schools. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis introduced his state’s Parents’ Bill of Rights last June, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott introduced something similar last month.

Democrats will continue to say things like Philadelphia teachers’ union President Jerry Jordan, who stated:

“The shameful truth of racism, both historically and today, must be taught. And as a society we must not just teach it, but do all we can to collectively dismantle the systems that have long failed Black and brown people.”

But parents like Ian Prior, executive director of parents’ group Fight For Schools, are fighting back,

“The far left went from saying that there is no critical race theory or gender identity grooming in schools, to now trying to hide what is going on in schools. That tells you all one needs to know about what is happening in America’s classrooms.”Government is supposed to be transparent except in very limited circumstances. Parents shouldn’t need a security clearance to see what their children are learning in the schools that the parents pay for with their tax dollars.”

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