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milei davos
Screenshot/Fox News YouTube
January 19, 2024
This week, Milei spoke before the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. A group with many full-blown socialists.
davos trump
Matt Johnson Flickr/Creative Commons
January 18, 2024
As the World Economic Forum takes place in Davos, Switzerland, a running topic of conversation has been Donald Trump.
Ozzy Osbourne
Source: Screenshot YouTube
November 27, 2023
Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary frontman of the band Black Sabbath, has made the sad announcement that he likely does not…
Sharon Osbourne Ozzy
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
October 13, 2023
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have confirmed to the world that they still have an assisted suicide plan in place for…
Sophia Loren
Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 25, 2023
The Hollywood legend Sophia Loren had to undergo emergency surgery after suffering a fall days after her 89th birthday.
Source: Screenshot YouTube
March 7, 2023
Taxpayers were forced to pay $44,117 just to foot the bill for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's trip to Davos.
Source: Screenshot YouTube
February 13, 2023
The Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would like to restrict politically-motivated investment policies in his state.
Osama Bin Laden Niece
September 5, 2020
The niece of Osama bin Laden just spoke out to say that President Donald Trump is the only person who…
January 22, 2020
President Donald Trump delivered what conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh called “one of his finest speeches of his entire…