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August 21, 2020
Senator Tammy Duckworth, who once reportedly refused an interview with Tucker Carlson, called President Trump a “coward-in-chief.”
Trump Bible
June 26, 2020
President Donald Trump just spoke out to blast Fox News for telling “lies” about him, saying “The Bible wasn’t upside down.”
June 18, 2020
2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump has tried to “hijack” Christianity
Whoopi Goldberg Trump
June 8, 2020
Whoopi Goldberg just launched a truly vile attack on President Trump, saying she was stunned when he “held up the Bible and it didn’t burst into flame.”
Barkin Trump
June 4, 2020
Hollywood star just bashed President Donald Trump by saying “if Jesus was our savior, Trump would have gone down in flames.”
Biden Trump
June 3, 2020
Democratic candidate Joe Biden took a swipe at President Trump for holding up a Bible at St. John’s Church earlier this week.
Pelosi Bible
June 2, 2020
Nancy Pelosi read from the Bible in response to President Trump holding aBible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church that rioters damaged Sunday night. 
June 2, 2020
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issued a joint statement condemning President Trump for using ‘tear-gas’ on ‘peaceful’ protesters.
Pelosi Clinton
June 2, 2020
Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton just spoke out to insult President Donald Trump for going to church, holding a Bible.