Southern border

The Red Cross is Providing Maps to Illegals Showing Them How to Effectively Cross the Border Into the United States

The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained maps and other information guides produced by the American Red Cross which contain…

3 weeks ago

Willful Blindness: Feds Ignore Massive Illegal Alien ID Theft Plaguing Americans As U.S. Coffers Fill

By Mark Hemingway and Ben Weingarten  for RealClearInvestigations The historic surge of illegal immigrants across America’s southern border is fueling…

9 months ago

Cruz: ‘Unacceptable’ That Biden Administration Plans To Reassign Veteran’s Affairs Staff To Southern Border

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square) U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says he still hasn’t received an answer from President…

11 months ago

D’oh! Biden

By Charles Lipson for RealClearPolitics So much has gone wrong so quickly, it’s hard to remember we are only nine…

1 year ago

New Southern Border Wall Stops 90% of Illegal Crossings

President Donald Trump's new border wall stops 90% of illegal border crossings, as opposed to the 10% that the previous…

3 years ago

Trump Says He’d Rather Focus On The Southern Border Than Northern Syria Border

Audrey Conklin on October 14, 2019 President Donald Trump said he would rather focus efforts on the U.S. southern border than…

3 years ago

Watch: Drone Footage Shows Miles of New Wall Being Built at Southern Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released drone footage over the weekend showing miles of new border wall construction near…

4 years ago

Trump at the Border to Illegal Immigrants: ‘The System Is Full,’ People Must ‘Turn Around’

Some 450 miles of barrier will be going up to protect America

4 years ago

‘Disastrous Consequences’: Democrats Blast Trump’s Border Wall Threats

Jason Hopkins on April 4, 2019 Democratic lawmakers introduced a resolution Thursday that condemns President Donald Trump’s threat to shut down…

4 years ago

Trump Sends Troops to the Southern Border as Congress Negotiates Deal

President Trump is officially ordering troops to the southern border as Republicans and Democrats try to negotiate a deal on…

4 years ago

Pentagon Is Sending Thousands Of More Troops To The Southern Border

Jason Hopkins on January 30, 2019 The Pentagon is sending several thousand more troops to the southwestern border, fulfilling a request…

4 years ago

Trump to Secure the Border At All Cost

Border security! It's a vital component to a sovereign nation. Without it, you don't have a nation at all. For…

4 years ago