MSNBC Guest Says Evangelicals Are Following Republicans, Not Scripture

On Wednesday, author Anthea Butler said that evangelical Christians were more interested in following the Republican Party than Christian scripture.…

1 year ago

The Queen Of Division And Confusion Is Quoting Scripture Again

During this entire COVID-19 threat, President Trump has been pro-active in recognizing what needed to be done. One of those…

3 years ago

Buttigieg Invokes Scripture To Slam Trump – But Nobody Is Buying It

He evokes the Bible when it is convenient for him.

3 years ago

Rev. Franklin Graham has DEVASTATING Words for Those Who Oppose God & the Bible!

Rev. Franklin Graham - son of Rev. Billy Graham - is not ashamed to speak his mind in defense of…

7 years ago

You Won’t Believe How Badly Obama Botches His Attempt at Quoting Scripture!

  Speaking at an immigration town hall event on Tuesday, Obama once again tried to use Scripture to further his…

8 years ago