Buttigieg Invokes Scripture To Slam Trump – But Nobody Is Buying It

He evokes the Bible when it is convenient for him.

Trump Buttigieg

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the supposed darling of sensible moderate Democrats. One of the things that may make him so attractive to them is that he dodges thorny issues they prefer not to talk about.

One is his alternative lifestyle. Another is religion.

On one hand Buttigieg says God does not belong to any political party. In almost the next sentence he says he doesn’t see anything the Trump administration is doing that would qualify as holy or biblical.

He is trying to have it both ways, on faith.

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For if the Lord is not a Democrat then how can Buttigieg use his book to condemn Trump? And for a man who advocates infanticide and chooses to live the way he does to invoke the Judeo-Christian Bible for political ammo smacks of rank hypocrisy of the highest order.

But it does give Pete and his beige supporters an out.

They can actually bypass the Bible with a partisan blanket statement on God’s non-partisan nature. Thus all those uncomfortable questions on morality and ethics go right out the window and he can focus on not being Bernie Sanders.

However, even those who buy this argument don’t buy this argument. It is a convenient shuck and jive that tries to take faith off the table altogether.

It also tries to make a favorable comparison with all those Dem-labeled nasty bigoted GOP zealots who would condemn Pete for being gay. That the Old Testament would and does do the same thing is a matter Pete glosses over and no one has the guts to bring up to his face, lest they be accused of using “facts” to insult the man.

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Is it true that Buttigieg’s sexual orientation has no bearing on his fitness for office? Yes. President Trump said the same thing only a couple of days ago, mentioning he would vote for a gay candidate.

But does blatant lack of tactical sense in making a political argument so easily rebutted, in this case his hypocrisy on faith, disqualify him for the highest office in the land?

If it doesn’t it should. President Trump is right. We shouldn’t mind a gay guy in the Oval Office. We should mind a man like Buttigieg who thinks out arguments this poorly.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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