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Following Afghanistan Debacle, Biden State Department Celebrates ‘International Pronouns Day’

In a dazzling display of the priorities of the Biden administration, the State Department on Wednesday marked 'International Pronouns Day'…

1 year ago

PA’s Dem Governor Is Seemingly Caught On Hot Mic Laughing About ‘Political Theater’ Of Masks With State Rep

A video is going viral this week that exposes the hypocrisy of the left, as it appears to show Pennsylvania…

2 years ago

Richard Grenell Hits CNN Anchor With Her Own Network’s Reporting When Asked How Classified Information Can Contain Fake News

Richard Grenell was challenged by CNN anchor Erin Burnett to explain how something could be both 'classified' and 'fake news.'…

3 years ago

Graham Wants Declassification Of All Trump Campaign Figures Who Were Unmasked By Obama Officials

Senator Lindsey Graham, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, wrote a letter to Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and Attorney…

3 years ago

Bette Midler Blasts Trump For Demanding Obamagate Probe – Claims He’s ‘Mentally Ill’

Midler attacks Trump or his supporters on what seems like a daily basis, often blaming them for coronavirus deaths despite…

3 years ago

Report: Declassified Information Shows John Brennan ‘Suppressed’ Intel Suggesting Russia Wanted Hillary To Win

Fox News reporter Ed Henry revealed Tuesday that newly declassified information suggests former CIA Director John Brennan "suppressed" intelligence indicating…

3 years ago

Limbaugh: Obama Flailing With Criticism Of Trump Because He Got Caught In Collusion Hoax

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh accused Barack Obama of dialing up the criticism on his successor because he…

3 years ago

Adam Schiff Is In ‘Panic Mode’ As Transcripts Of House Intel Committee Interviews Are Cleared For Release

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is pulling back the curtain on some unscrupulous people.

3 years ago

‘Tick-Tock’: Sean Hannity Warns ‘Panicked’ Adam Schiff Over ‘Possible Crimes’

Fox News host Sean Hannity issued a warning to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff stating that his "possible crimes"…

3 years ago

President Trump Has Seen Evidence Coronavirus Originated In Wuhan Lab

The Chinese economy has also taken a bigger virus hit than the U.S. economy.

3 years ago

Federal Intel Boss Confirms Investigation Is Underway Into Whether COVID-19 Outbreak Was ‘Result Of An Accident’ In Wuhan, China Lab

Once the investigation ends, the findings will be presented to President Donald Trump and his administration.

3 years ago

Schiff Begins Another Witch Hunt Against President Trump

His hatred for the president is pathological.

3 years ago