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More Bad News For Democrats: Asian-Americans Switching To GOP

As more Hispanic Americans become disillusioned with the Democrat Party, another voting bloc that has been fairly reliable may also…

4 months ago

After Getting Trump Endorsement, Message Surfaces Showing J.D. Vance In 2016 Worrying Trump Was ‘America’s Hitler’

After scoring an endorsement earlier this week from the former president, a text message has surfaced showing Ohio Senate candidate…

4 months ago

Virginia — Trump’s First 2024 Bellwether

By Pam Bondi for RealClearPolitics Virginia‚Äôs election results, and the tremendous success of Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin, send a clear sign:…

9 months ago

Report: Trump Set To Deliver Speech Claiming ‘I’m Still In Charge’ Of GOP

Donald Trump will reportedly deliver a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida this weekend in which…

1 year ago

Be Aware of These GOP and Democrat Talking Points

The president will run on achievements. The Dems will run on grievances.

3 years ago

Black GOP Candidate Byron Donalds Ruins the Leftist Narrative

The Florida Republican State Representative is running for Congress.

3 years ago

After Primary Night, Republican Party Is Officially the Trump Party

It's official now. The Republican Party is now the party of Trump. And the little platoon of stubborn holdouts known…

4 years ago