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Atlanta Wendy's
June 24, 2020
A new CHOP has started in an Atlanta Wendy’s, and the leftists there now embrace border control and the Second Amendment.
Atlanta Wendy's
June 22, 2020
A man and woman were just attacked by a mob armed with rocks near the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed earlier this month in Atlanta.
June 22, 2020
CNN just got schooled in a new interview with a straightforward black sheriff who refused to submit to their anti-police agenda.
George Floyd
June 22, 2020
A civil rights lawyer who is representing the family of George Floyd is speaking out to reveal the danger of removing confederate statues.
Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy Kisses Feet: White Christians Need To Repent For Racism: ‘We’re Shameful’
June 19, 2020
The CEO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, said that Christians need to repent for racism after about a dozen of his company’s restaurants were vandalized.
Atlanta Police
June 18, 2020
Cops in the Atlanta Police Department have been calling out in droves ever since the politically-motivated murder charge over the death of Rayshard Brooks.
Rayshard Brooks Taser
June 18, 2020
DA Paul Howard said that Rayshard Brooks wasn’t a threat to the officer who shot him, despite saying only 2 weeks prior that a taser was a deadly weapon.
June 17, 2020
Maxine Waters had a full-on meltdown on Monday as she said police reform is “not enough:” We need to get rid of “racist” “ignorant” and “stupid cops.”
June 15, 2020
A CNN reporter and her camera crew were attacked late Saturday at the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. .
Atlanta Police Shooting
June 14, 2020
Atlanta has descended into chaos as rioters erupted in vandalism and arson Saturday night in response to a police-involved shooting death.