President Donald Trump

Trump Campaign Hits Back On False White Supremacy Charge

Biden keeps lying about it.

3 years ago

The Five Best Presidents In American History

These guys rocked...and rock.

4 years ago

Thin-Skinned AOC Begins Reelection Bid, Republicans Can Take Advantage

Actually, the GOP can win this race. Kinda...

4 years ago

For Hitting Hillary, Media Blacks Out Tulsi Gabbard Campaign

How dare the Army combat vet have a mind of her own.

4 years ago

US Navy Seizes Iranian Weapons Bound for Yemen, No Obama Surrender to Iran This Time

The mission was carried out by the USS Normandy. No crew members were taken prisoner, as were in the last…

4 years ago

Three House Dems On Judiciary Committee Hit With Ethics Allegations

The three went after Trump while they have allegedly been up to no good.

4 years ago

New Trump Impeachment Push For Democrats Over Roger Stone Affair?

The Democrats are looking for another issue, no matter how absurd, to begin a second impeachment drive.

4 years ago

Scared Democrats See Trump Landslide If Sanders Nominated

But few of the left in their party will listen to them.

4 years ago

The Nice Hillary? Klobuchar Surprises In New Hampshire

Without Hillary Clinton's abysmal personal negatives, would Klobuchar stand a chance in the fall?

4 years ago

Democrats Go Hard Left In New Hampshire – Trump Wins Again

Sanders is nationally unelectable. Most of the others not much better.

4 years ago